(PARAS, 2000)

When I first heard of the idea of blending Celtic music with the musical movement known as "trance" (a type of electronic music which infuses techno beats with melodic melodies), I admit I was both intrigued and skeptical. But fortunately, Dagda proved that these two elements could blend perfectly to create a beautiful sound.

Dagda is at it again with their newest endeavor, Underworld. Continuing with their theme of exploring Celtic myth in melody, the group has laid down ten tracks incorporating techno beat and sound technique with Celtic harmony and voice -- attempting to capture the mystic feeling of the Celtic underworld, home of Celtic gods, sages and druids.

The music takes you on an aural journey from "Merlin's Cave" to "Dawn at Druid's Cove." Enjoy a spring romp with "Dancing with the Fairies," or ponder the "Lost Myth of Creation."

The strength of the album lies in the solid infusion of Celtic themes and modern arrangements in every track. Rich in sound, and deep in composition, it's a solid album of melodic harmony and Celtic flavor that could whisk you away on a journey to your inner Celtic self.

[ by Charlie Gebetsberger ]

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