Dana Fletcher

Reviews by Dana include:

Kevin J. Anderson
Fantastic Voyage: Microcosm

William Bay
Mastering the Guitar
Mastering the Guitar: Technique Studies: A Comprehensive Method for Today's Guitarist

Carol Berg
Song of the Beast

Chaz Brenchley
The Devil in the Dust (The First Book of Outremer)
Tower of the King's Daughter (The Second Book of Outremer)

Sara Douglass
The Wayfarer Redemption

Leah R. Cutter
Paper Mage

Neil Griffin
Complete Bluegrass Banjo Method

Elizabeth Haydon
Rhapsody: Child of Blood

Robert Holdstock
Mythago Wood

Juan Martin
Play Solos: Flamenco Guitar

Frederick M. Noad
Solo Guitar Playing: Book 1

Christopher Parkening
Christopher Parkening Guitar Method: The Art & Technique of the Classical Guitar

Russ Shipton
The Complete Blues & Ragtime Guitar Player

Sheridon Stokes & Richard Condon
Illustrated Method for Flute

Michael D. Warden
The Pearlsong Refounding #1: Gideon's Dawn

Atlantis Rising
Test of Time

Way of the Rat: The Walls of Zhumar

Robin Adnan Anders
Voices of the Doumbek

David Holt
Folk Rhythms: Learn to Play Spoons, Bones, Washboard, Hambone & the Paper Bag