The Darbuki Kings,
(independent, 2007)

The Darbuki Kings are two guys named Robin Adnan Anders and Antonio Albarran, using the nom de plumes Adnan and Antone Darbuki. I assume the mustaches, beards and ethnic clothing they wear on the cover are also fake.

The music, however, has an authentic feel. The two "Darbukis" play 14 instruments between them, including bouzouki, sitar guitar, tabla and other, more obscure ones.

These nine instrumentals have a truly exotic Middle-Eastern sound. A number of different influences can be heard, including Gypsy, Arabian and Indian.

The various stringed instruments and hand percussion suggest that you are sitting in front of a campfire, watching dancers and listening to the rich musical heritage of Doumtekastan. So what if it is not a real country? At least this is one place we haven't invaded and destroyed yet.

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review by
Dave Howell

4 October 2008

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