Georgette Dashiell,
Daffodils in Winter
(Broken Angel, 1999)

This is music you have to sit still and listen to. Georgette Dashiell's Daffodils in Winter is a quiet, introspective CD that showcases her talent on both guitar and vocals.

Dashiell's vibrato provides a haunting vehicle for her stark lyrics and evocative acoustic guitar. "Nebraska Roads" is a reflective song about a pioneer man crossing the lonely prairie, while the sweet and simple "Cool Summertime Breezes" is a bluesy observation on the changing of the seasons. There's nothing overdone about any of the tracks on Daffodils in Winter; Dashiell prefers to let the music and the lyrics do the talking.

There are a few duds on the CD, however. The title track seems a little forced, and Dashiell's vibrato, which is a perfect compliment to the slower songs, lacks the strength to carry the upbeat tempos of "Daffodils in Winter," "White Lies" and "Spiraling Down."

Despite a few inconsistencies, Georgette Dashiell has created an album that deserves a wide audience. Her folk influences are evident, and have won her comparisons to Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell and Buffy Saint-Marie. Daffodils in Winter is a well-executed album; I'm willing to bet that the songs on it shine in front of a live audience.

[ by Audrey M. Clark ]