MaryJanice Davidson,
Derik's Bane
(Berkley, 2005)

Derik is a drop-dead gorgeous werewolf who's unintentionally become an Alpha. He's bound for a challenge with his best friend and Pack Leader, Micheal. Knowing this would be disastrous, he takes off with a multiple purpose -- save the world and save his pack at the same time.

Sara Gunn is the reincarnation of Morgan Le Fay and she's destined to destroy the world. She doesn't have an idea of this 'til some red-robed assassins and then Derik try to kill her.

As long as you suspend belief, the story's funny. However, neither Derik nor Sara would qualify as "the brains of the outfit." Any success they have is due to dumb luck -- with the emphasis on the first word.

Still, Davidson's humor kept me laughing. The book is a light and quick read. But realize this is MUCH more of a romance than an urban fantasy. Most of the pages are dedicated to Derik and Sara's romance. (The erotica is monogamous and no one gets hurt, which I definitely approve of.)

Still, I'm not sure I will read any more of Davidson's books. I tend to read more for the plot and the fantasy angle, and this just isn't a big part of Derik's Bane.

review by
Becky Kyle

14 June 2008

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