MaryJanice Davidson,
Undead & Unappreciated
(Berkley, 2005)

Betsy Taylor has enough troubles as a recently undead vampire queen with a shoe fetish and a vampiric consort/boyfriend she's not sure she likes. It only gets worse when she reads the flesh-bound Book of the Dead and goes temporarily, violently and lustfully insane. Circumstances don't improve, either, when she learns that her hated stepmother is pregnant. Top that off with a creamy helping of biting-your-best-friend and stir in the tantalizing discovery that you have a fully grown half-sister who is actually a spawn of Satan.

Oh, and the employees at her vampire nightclub are revolting. Take that as you will.

It doesn't matter that the girl turns out to be cute as the dickens, she's still destined to take over the world. And, while she's mild-mannered as all get out, she does have the habit of conjuring a hellflame sword when danger threatens -- and her blond hair turns red when she's angry.

MaryJanice Davidson continues her delightful Betsy Taylor saga in Undead & Unappreciated, the third novel in this humorous romantic horror series. While less action-oriented than the preceding two books, Unappreciated keeps the story flowing right on into books four and five, already on the shelves. While certainly categorized as "lite" reading material, this book was a welcome relief when more trying matters occupied other parts of my day. Thanks, MaryJanice!

by Tom Knapp
11 November 2006

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