MaryJanice Davidson,
Undead & Unemployed
(Berkley, 2004)

Betsy Taylor is still dead, still obsessed with shoes and fashion, and still unhappy with her newfound role as queen of the vampires. But the unrelenting pressures of her unlife force her to deal with several unpleasant facts: She needs an income and therefore a job. Someone is killing vampires and, although she still finds them generally icky, she must take steps as their queen. The simple pleasures of food are now forever denied her. And vampire king Eric Sinclair is still incredibly annoying and -- be still her heart -- incredibly sexy.

One problem is solved with a convenient evening shift opening in the shoe department at Macy's. Another seems resolved when the slayings are traced to a crew of well-meaning pre-adults with the blessing of the Church and a mysterious financial backer. But the killings continue, and Betsy seems to be in the unseen slayer's sights.

Undead & Unemployed is every bit as much fun as its predecessor, Undead & Unwed. Betsy Taylor is an irrepressible vampire queen, obsessed with the finer things in life while still somewhat queasy over the realities of walking death.

MaryJanice Davidson has a deft hand for her chosen genre niche -- and, believe it or not, humorous romantic horror seems to be a growing field. Fortunately for fans, Davidson seems to have a deep well to draw from.

by Tom Knapp
9 September 2006

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