Janine Davy,
Looking for You
(Funkstown, 2005)

Janine Davy has had the privilege of working with two-time Emmy winner Chris Biondo, the producer of platinum and gold records for Eva Cassidy. She also boasts members of Cassidy's band in Keith Grimes, Lenny Williams and Raice McLeod.

Unfortunately for Davy, this is a poor selling point for her rather bland CD, which is clearly aimed at the middle-of-the-road market. Janine, although having a pleasant and strong voice, is no Eva Cassidy in any capacity. Rather than this connection being a plus for her, it is a real minus. Davy does not have the ability Cassidy had in making a cover version of a song a completely new aural experience. With Daly's versions of "Oh Darling" by the Beatles and "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder, I was yearning for the originals. In fairness, Davy did attempt to change the arrangements and tempo, but it just didn't work for me.

Even Davy's other tracks written for her by producer Steven M. Digman are just plain mundane and leave me cold. There isn't a single memorable tune or riff on this unforgettable collection of tunes.

I am not insinuating that Janine is not talented or that this is a bad CD; I am sure there will be a market for it somewhere. I am just disappointed that both Davy and her producer both played it safe the whole time and took absolutely no risks. It was almost like they were following some kind of formula.

In order for Janine to make waves in the music business, she really needs to decide what direction she wants to pursue. Rather than having a soul tune here, a country one there, she needs unity. I am all for being eclectic, but not when it makes a CD confusing. In music you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd, and at the moment Janine is lost in it. Let's hope she finds a way to extricate herself from this problem.

review by
Risa Duff

12 May 2007

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