Kyle Dawkins,
(Solponticello, 2003)

The acoustic guitar can be a pleasant instrument to listen to. When by itself, the sound can set an intimate mood (more so than the electric variety). Add in the occasional banjo to complement the ambiance and you have the potential for some great music.

Instrumental CD Conasauga by Kyle Dawkins starts out strong with its title track. The opening tempo is upbeat and quickly draws you in before it slows down to a meandering pace. Just when you are about to fall asleep, the tune takes off again!

This first track is typical of what you will find on this CD, as the music is either very good -- or so monotonous, repetitious and boring as to become background noise at best. I find this unfortunate because I think Kyle has a lot of potential. If the CD was consistently first-rate quality instead of only reaching that height sporadically, I would be the first to recommend it.

Kyle is joined on the CD by fellow members of the Georgia Guitar Quartet. Brian Smith plays banjo on "A Quiet Strand" and guitar on "Flight." Phil Snyder and Jason Solomon also play guitar on "Flight." Based out of northern Georgia, the music created here is "an exploration of beauty and mystery in southern Appalachia," according to the promo material.

Conasauga is a very short CD. The nine tracks clock in at just over 37 minutes. You can find out more about Kyle by checking out and The later site mentions that "you'll be drawn right on in...." I agree; in fact that is exactly what I thought upon first listen. But I was left wondering why and feeling let down after I heard the whole CD.

- Rambles
written by Wil Owen
published 10 October 2003