Elmer Deagle,
Elmer Deagle
(independent, 2005)

Hailing from that well-known outpost of Ireland, Prince Edward Island, it is hardly a surprise that Elmer Deagle is an accomplished performer in the Celtic tradition.

The opening track, "Christy Campbell," brings us a set of no fewer than six tunes ably performed on mandolin, piano and guitar, and I promise they will get the numbest of toes tapping. "Irish Poutine" has only four in the set, but does include the wonderfully titled "The Man Who Shot the Windmill."

We get some beautiful vocals from Donna Deagle Peters on "Grammy of Mine." For the "E Minor Set," Elmer takes up the fiddle and proves his worth with that instrument, too.

This is a fine collection of great tunes that shows us how well good music travels and also how a young man with a love for good tunes can produce an album of high quality. Give Elmer a listen and he will give you the joy of music.

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review by
Nicky Rossiter

5 April 2008

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