Valerie DeLaCruz,
They'll Never Know
(Relentless Nashville, 2000)

With a good mixture of fun fast-paced songs and heartfelt ballads, They'll Never Know by Valerie DeLaCruz is a great and simple country music album.

Oftentimes, country music is derided for its simplicity or lack of depth in subject matter. That's the beauty of this album -- it succeeds because it's simple. The themes are universal, from falling in love ("That's Why I Like Your Love," "See What You Do") to jealousy ("Hey! That's My Kiss") to breaking up ("This Is Me Leaving"). Each song can be appreciated for entertainment's sake. Don't try to figure out the meaning behind her use of the word "explosives" -- just enjoy the gal's music. It's as simple as that.

Of course, there's an exception to every rule. Valerie shows she can write with depth and complexity n "My Girlfriends Quilt." In this slow-paced song, Valerie likens each patch of an old quilt to each of her friends. She explores a wonderful analogy in a sweet and sentimental song that will spark that area of your heart that's been touched before by Ya-Ya's and Cold Sassy Trees.

With a great mix of songs and a voice similar to Lorrie Morgan, They'll Never Know makes for wonderful country. So, when you're driving down the road and want some entertaining music that you're dying to sing along with, you simply can't go wrong with They'll Never Know by Valerie DeLaCruz.

- Rambles
written by C. Nathan Coyle
published 25 January 2003

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