Melissa de la Cruz,
Blue Bloods #4: The Van Allen Legacy
(Hyperion, 2009)

It's probably not fair to start reviewing a series with the fourth book. The Blue Bloods series, by Melissa de la Cruz, is described as a vampire soap opera, and I wouldn't dispute the title at all. I am told by young-adult readers who have read books 1-3 that The Van Allen Legacy is the best of the series so far.

This series is definitely aimed at the young female reader, who may identify with the three narrators, Mimi, Bliss and Schuyler. Only one, Mimi, is in a satisfied love relationship; the others' romantic lives are pretty much in turmoil.

Schuyler Van Allen is on the run, trying to prove to the vampire coven that she didn't kill her grandfather. With the aid of her companion, Oliver, she tries to uncover the mystery of the Van Allen legacy. Her friends, Mimi and Kingsley, are in Rio trying to find the Watcher. Sophia must cope with having the blood of Lucifer himself running through her veins.

The story's fast-paced and rich in locale. I suspect with as much going on, this young-adult series will be continuing for many books to come.

book review by
Becky Kyle

30 October 2010

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