Long Sleeve Story
(Three Word, 2001)

I am sad to say this CD did not ignite with me. Devon has a voice that reminded me of Bjork and Melanie and Nanci Griffith, and I found that without a printed lyric sheet I was probably missing a lot of very good story songs. What I did hear was very good for its genre and with some airplay there are a few tracks that could become very popular.

There sounds to be a lot of angst in the songs. Again, this recalled other writer and singers, in particular Leonard Cohen.

Devon is probably one of those artists who will dominate the live performance. Her soulful renditions and clear feeling for the songs and sentiments comes across on CD, but not as well as it could in real life.

This is a shortcoming of the medium not the performer. I would like to even see her on video performing these tracks. Unfortunately, for this single reviewer, the sound alone does not spark.

[ by Nicky Rossiter ]
Rambles: 12 January 2002

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