The Steve Ditko Reader,
Vol. 2

by Greg Thomaston
(Pure Imagination, 2004)

Last year I reviewed the first volume of The Steve Ditko Reader (you really ought to read it), and I am happy to do so for volume two, redundant though it may seem.

It's worth it, however, to highlight the work of one of the most prolific individuals the comics industry has ever seen. The first volume having been partially concerned with history and background, volume two focuses completely on reproducing Ditko's comic work. An eclectic collection of mystery, horror, science fiction, crime, western and, yes, even jungle tales awaits the wise and fortunate reader who chooses to delve into this work.

Ditko's artistic style is timeless. No other artist, before or since, has surpassed his mastery for setting mood or his knack for characterization. His creations are more than two-dimensional actors on a page; they reach, and grab, and pull the reader in.

Quite impressive, especially considering most of these reprints are short stories. The Steve Ditko Reader, Vol. 2 is highly recommended for anyone who likes any kind of captivating reading or original, eye-catching artwork. Believe me, there will be something in here for you.

- Rambles
written by Mark Allen
published 9 October 2004