The Doctors: 30 Years of
Time Travel & Beyond

directed by Bill Baggs
(Mastervision, 1995;
Waterfall, 2002)

The Doctors: 30 Years of Time Travel & Beyond looks at the history of 35 years of Dr. Who through comparison and remembrances of the seven different actors who filled the role of the famous British doctor. The DVD includes interviews filmed for this release with Sylvester McCoy, Peter Davidson, Colin Baker and the now deceased Jon Pertwee. Photographs capture all seven of the doctors in the part.

Each Doctor Who helped to shape the television depiction of the Time Lord as they found themselves in the forceful forward motion of a series that flourished despite its limitations -- created under budget and with numerous schedule constraints, such as the fact that BBC studios turned off the lights at the appointed time whether shooting was finished or not!

Among the behind-the-scenes footage are segments from the episodes "The Smugglers," "The Abdominable Snowmen," "The Demons" and the unfinished Tom Baker story, "Sahada," presented in a separate feature. Behind-the-scenes interviews continue with senior production personnel, including director David Maloney, producer Phillip Hinchcliffe and former BBC head of serials and drama, Shaun Sutton. Actors and crew members compare notes as the multi-facted history of this innovative and much-adored sci-fi program unfolds.

- Rambles
written by Tom Schulte
published 22 March 2003

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