Stephen R. Donaldson, writing as Reed Stephens,
The Man Who Risked His Partner
(Ballantine, 1984; Tor, 2004)

Mick "Brew" Axbrewder has not had a drink for six months. He's been helping his partner Ginny Fistoulari try to cope with the loss of her hand. But Brew is getting desperate, trying anything he can think of to try to get the old Ginny back. So when a case pops up that might be tied to el Senor, the biggest crime boss in the city, Brew makes them take it, hoping somehow to use it to jumpstart Ginny back into the detective she was before the bomb went off.

His attentions are divided, however, as the son of some Hispanic friends has also disappeared -- the boy was a numbers runner for el Senor.

The Man Who Risked His Partner is filled with a lot of twists and turns. There's an interesting study of some rather unusual psyches in this one -- an awesome noir work and lots of angst. It shows what a man might do when push comes to shove -- and it's another great work by Stephen R. Donaldson, writing as his noirish counterpart Reed Stephens.

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review by
Gloria Oliver

16 February 2008

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