Donna Marie,
Paint the Sky
(self-produced, 2007)

Accomplished singer-songwriter Donna Marie has produced an attractive EP to showcase her considerable musical talents. The four songs selected are well-balanced between her more expansive numbers with full instrumentation and her quieter solo acoustic ones.

Donna Marie is a rootsy singer with a strong voice and wide vocal range. Her songs are appealing and accessible with an uncluttered funky vibe. On this EP she plays guitar, keyboard, piano and bass while, on two tracks, Dave Whittaker adds second guitar and slide.

"Holiday from Myself" is a cool pop song with some wonderful instrumentation, including effective slide, which highlights Donna Marie's potential for the big stage. "Make You Mine" is a quieter and more reflective song in which her plaintive guitar playing complements her lovely singing. "Sinking Deep" returns to a more upbeat mode and the piano is a nice touch here; it's the sort of catchy number that would work well in a film score. "Paint the Sky" is a good example of why Donna Marie is such a top live solo performer with its lively guitar, interesting lyrics, clear delivery and powerful voice.

It all adds up to an impressively varied package for just a four-track EP. The attractive sleeve includes cover artwork and photo portrait. Look out for Donna Marie in the future: this CD will be launching her upwards and onwards!

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review by
Andy Jurgis

4 August 2007

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