Jocelynn Drake,
Dark Days #3: Dawnbreaker
(Eos, 2009)

In Dawnbreaker, the third of Jocelynn Drake's Dark Days series, nightwalker Mira returns, and this time the vampire has more dilemmas than ever to sink her fangs into. Not only must she face the responsibilities that come with her newly appointed position on the elderly Coven, she must also find a way to protect the humans belonging to her Georgia domain from an ever-increasing amassment of foes. Peace with her werewolf allies teeters on the brink of nonexistence, and Mira still can't begin to control her newfound ability to access earth magic. And all of this is the least of her worries.

Rowe, the fierce leader of the elfin naturi, has gathered an army and is bent on breaking the seal that has held Aurora, princess of the naturi, trapped in another world. Once free, there would be no preventing her plans to cleanse the world of a human presence. Mira once again finds an unlikely alliance in vampire-hunter Danaus. But to truly stop the naturi threat once and for all, Mira may have no alternative choice but to place her complete faith in a far less predictable force: a naturi gone rogue.

Dawnbreaker is unrelenting in its heart-exploding action and page-turner suspense. Drake's characters are as cold and distant as ever, but the illuminating light tucked deep inside each of them is an undeniable presence. Best read when the sun has gone down, this dark story will keep readers awake all night, unable to put it aside.

review by
Justin Tenley

2 January 2009

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