The Dreamland Chronicles: Book One
by Scott Christian Sava
(Blue Dream, 2006)

Alex falls asleep to awaken to adventure in his dreams! This classic theme (possibly the origin of all storytelling) is explored in The Dreamland Chronicles: Book One, a massive volume closer in style to Peter Pan than The Lord of the Rings.

In Dreamland, Alex battles a Cyclops, wields a magic sword and travels through imaginary realms with a rock giant, a fairy and a princess. Only Alex's twin brother believes this Dreamland is real.

The storytelling, both through words and pictures, is entertaining and flawless, but it is Scott Sava's art that is unique in comics, and stunning. It is computer-generated, looks almost three-dimensional and is guaranteed to glue the attention of readers of all ages to every page. In fact, the art is so riveting that it initially distracts from the story.

It is a distraction that quickly vanishes into a world of awe and wonder and fun, which, frankly, should be the result of almost every comic book.

by Michael Vance
7 April 2007

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