Catherine Duc,
Visions & Dreams
(self-produced, 2005)

For Australian-born Catherine Duc, her music isn't the only thing that has a world flavour. Duc, who began playing the piano at age 7, has studied in Melbourne and London.

On her album Vision & Dreams, this classically trained musician has crafted 10 original tunes of new age music. Duc has molded new age forms and numerous musical styles from around the world -- Middle and Far Eastern, Celtic, Native American, etc. -- with ambient sounds to create some beautiful melodies with flawless perfection.

The album cover of a setting sun over water is only a taste for the beauty that lies ahead. More than just a way to chill out, Visions & Dreams is the kind of CD where you can easily get wrapped up in the music and forget the world outside.

The music is similar to that of Ryan Farrish. Both artists use their music to paint a picture for the listener, similar to the way an artists puts paint to canvas.

Fans of new age music, Ray Farrish and Secret Garden will find Catherine Duc's Visions & Dreams a welcome addition to their musical collection.

by Sherrill Fulghum
7 April 2007

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