Doranna Durgin,
Feral Darkness
(Baen, 2001)

Be careful what you wish for -- and who you wish it from. ... Yes, definitely know which god you are praying to and what they can do.

Nine-year-old Brenna Fallon wants her old hound dog to live -- so badly, she prays to the Celtic god of healing and hounds, Mars Nodens. Her prayer is granted, but she's unwittingly opened a gate on her property.

The subsequent burial of her dog after a good, longer-than-average life -- and a group of teens using the location for a party -- further enlivens the magic spot.

Now, 27-year-old Brenna has to cope with a new strain of rabies that affects both man and dog. She has some unexpected help from Druid, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, and Masera, this book's version of tall, dark and mysterious.

Feral Darkness is a very nicely balanced fantasy romance with a decent amount of action interspersed. It definitely keeps you reading. This novel is highly recommended for dog lovers, fantasy lovers and romance lovers all.

There is only one down note: the theology discussion is probably a little tiresome for some. Other than that, it's very interesting and well-written. Bravo!

review by
Becky Kyle

21 June 2008

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