The cultural arts is a vast field of old and new material, and it's tough to keep track of what's out there, much less what's worth spending time and money on. Rambles.NET seeks to separate the wheat from the chaff, to give you an idea where to seek your pleasures.

Rambles.NET was founded 30 May 1999, but it has old roots. Created and designed by Tom Knapp, this magazine owes its existence to a core of writers and editors who believe that the cultural arts are worthy of preserving and are eager to spread the word about the vast array of material available in the world today.

Because the world is a diverse place and our staff has diverse interests, we choose to be somewhat varied in our coverage. While our focus is firmly centered on traditional, roots and world music, we have expanded our magazine to include reviews of fiction, movies and other items of interest. While some publications remain strictly two-dimensional, Rambles.NET has grown and matured, realizing that the same person who enjoys the Chieftains, Loreena McKennitt and Great Big Sea might also enjoy poetry, science fiction, reggae music or even James Bond films. The world is too broad for narrow minds to impose their own limited minds on the rest of us!

Also, chances are good that each CD, book or movie reviewed here will get its own page, with each item considered and discussed individually. We don't give an item just a few sentences and lump it in a bulk review with a half-dozen other mini-reviews!

Opinions expressed here belong solely to each individual writer.

The Rambles.NET staff receives no financial compensation for the work and, unless there's something they're not telling me, the writers receive no special favors for doing what they do. We do it for the love of it ... and that seems like reason enough to us.

If you're interested in joining the Rambles.NET staff, drop us a line and tell us what you'd like to do!

All materials found on the Rambles.NET website are copyrighted by the magazine and its staff. You may not reproduce, modify or distribute materials found here without permission of the editor and/or writer. To do so violates copyright laws and is subject to civil and criminal penalties.

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If you would like permission to reprint materials found on this site, contact the editor, Tom Knapp. All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved by the editor and writers of Rambles.NET. (In other words, check with us first! We're pretty good about giving our permission to reprint Rambles.NET reviews so long as proper credit is provided.)

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Remember, a review is an opinion, and every review here is solely the opinion of its author.

We encourage musicians, writers and artists to share their work with us. (Please note that vanity press publications and EPs are reviewed at the staff's discretion.) Also, bear in mind that we do NOT guarantee a favorable review. We prefer to give positive feedback, but we ask our writers to be honest. Please do not write to us later asking us to change or delete a review simply because you don't agree with it.

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Running an online magazine costs money, from registering and retaining a domain name to the monthly costs for memory and bandwidth. Rambles.NET is and will remain a free site to you, our readers, and we continue to resist lucrative offers to place banner advertising on our site. However, to help defray costs, there are links on some pages offering you opportunities to buy books, CDs and movies through, & If something we've reviewed piques your interest, please take advantage of those links! It won't cost you any extra (and I chose Amazon in part because it often has the best prices available on the 'Net), but it will funnel some revenue to Rambles.NET. I appreciate your support, which makes this all possible.

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I'm sure some people will assume that these ventures will corrupt the Rambles.NET commitment to presenting fair and honest reviews. Nothing could be further from the truth! It is up to our readers to decide if they wish to buy something and decide its merits for themselves. All we ask is that, if a book, album or movie appeals to you, buy it through us and help keep Rambles.NET afloat!

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Rambles.NET shares its roots with another online publication; however, the two parted ways a long time ago over a variety of creative and personal differences, and have evolved in very different directions; one struggles to fill its space with elves and fancy dress parties while we give our readers good, solid reviews of the books, music and movies available to us. Still, we believe there is no need to throw stones or compete with each other -- the Internet has room for us all, and Rambles.NET stands comfortably on its own, growing swiftly and providing content at a professional level.

My hope is that Rambles.NET is deemed worthy by its readers to merit repeat visits. We on the staff believe both the quantity and quality of our reviews exceed anything else the Internet has to offer in the cultural arts field. Our writing is of the highest caliber, we maintain a highly professional appearance and provide fair, honest reviews. The rapidly increasing number of visitors to our site suggests that our readers agree.

If you have suggestions or concerns, please let us know.