Ed's Terrestrials
by Scott Christian Sava, Diego Jourdan (Blue Dream, 2006)

Three cute little aliens escape from a planet that is one giant, intergalactic food court. They end up on Earth in Ed's treehouse, longing to find jobs and teleport their fellow food-court slaves to freedom.

What a simple but fun idea! But is it worth the price of admission?

You'll be reminded of the best in animation as you read this well-drawn romp with Ed, who is probably 8 or 9 years old. The colors are vibrant and perfect for the minimalistic art. The visual storytelling is flawless.

You'll also enjoy the writer's vivid storytelling, characterization and imagination. In 84 pages, the writer and artist create characters and situations that are guaranteed to delight children and adults as well.

review by
Michael Vance

26 April 2008

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