El Grupo Santa Clara,
Angelitos Navidenos
(St. Clair, 2006)

Angelitos Navidenos is a collection of 14 shortened Christmas songs performed by El Grupo Santa Clara, a children's choir. Many of the singers sound extremely young.

The beauty of this collection lies in the music and sound effects supporting the whole group. Unfortunately, in a few places, there were solos where the singer strained to reach a note or actually cracked on the note.

"Ande, Ande, Ande," the very first song in the collection, contains a solo in which the child's voice cracked. However, the same note occurs later and the child does just fine. Perhaps it was a case of nerves.

Blanca Navidad" has spectacular harmony, but it almost gets lost in the music. You have to listen closely to hear the harmony. They needed this music when the kid's voice broke earlier.

Rudolfo, el reno de la nariz roja" has an unusual, intriguing composition with knockout sound effects and awesome bells. "Los Peces en el rio" is probably the best overall performance and demonstrates well the skill of the group as they pull out a note to a slow minor chord and back. It is magnificent.

"Aires de pascua" has the most beautiful bells! Wow! Is this ever a sweet piece!

Angelitos Navidenos is a nice collection to get you in the Christmas spirit. In spite of the flaws, which are to be expected with most children's groups, this collection is a heart warmer that will likely remind you of going caroling.

review by
Alicia Karen Elkins

13 December 2008

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