Me, Eloise
directed by Wes Archer
(Anchor Bay, 2006)

Eloise is lost on her birthday! Will she be found in time to be the star of her own party?

In Me, Eloise, the mischevious Eloise is up to pranks and wildness at New York City's Plaza Hotel, just as we expect her to be. When a young Japanese violin prodigy named Yuko comes to live at the Plaza, she and Eloise become fast friends. Eloise takes Yuko on a tour of the hotel, but when they get locked in the laundry room no one can find the two in time for Eloise's sixth birthday party and Yuko's concert debut.

This is the first episode in a new, six-disc series based on the popular Eloise books by author Kay Thompson and illustrator Hilary Knight, originally published in the 1950s. Starring the voices of Lynn Redgrave as the Nanny, Tim Curry as Mr. Salamone and Mary Matilyn Mouser as Eloise herself, this is a sweet movie you'll be happy to play for your kids and you won't mind watching over and over again yourself.

by Katie Knapp
10 February 2007

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