Loring Emery,
Pig Jump: A Historical Novel
(La Pierna Tierna, 1999)

It should have been a normal splashdown, but there was no communication with Houston. Chuck piloted the shuttle through the splash down as his ex-wife, Helen, worked to raise Houston. The best navigator in the space program, she remained unshaken through the ordeal. But after three days of drifting with no rescue, they began to get worried.

On the fourth morning, they ran aground only to learn that they had traveled back in time to the days of earliest man. Ben, the flight engineer, was swept away by a river during an exploratory foray with Helen. The divorced couple found themselves trapped in prehistoric time with only each other.

As the couple struggles to work out old personal issues, they try to adapt to life in the harsh times. Then, they meet the natives, who are certain that the gods have arrived. Helen and Chuck must make many difficult decisions about their interaction with these people. Should they use their modern techniques to help these people or allow them to suffer? How will any interference affect the outcome of history? What will be the ramifications? "Goddess Helen" finds herself thrown into the leadership role.

This is my favorite of Loring Emery's books. This is Jean M. Auel meets science fiction. If you enjoyed Auel's books, this is a must-read. It is the kind of book that you can repeatedly curl up with and never get bored. I read all 286 pages in the first sitting.

The characters are totally believable, acting much as I suspect the majority of us would in the same situations. The facts are straight and well referenced. The story moves smoothly through the years and provides a wonderful outcome.

The only negative point I can find to this novel is there has not been a sequel.

- Rambles
written by Alicia Karen Elkins
published 17 May 2003