Preacher #8: All Hell's a-Coming
by Garth Ennis, Steve Dillon (DC Comics/Vertigo, 2000)

Tulip O'Hare finally gets her story told.

She may be the perfect girl for Jesse Custer, but readers of Preacher never got to learn what makes her tick -- until now. From her mother's death and life with her father to an exclusive boarding school and a college frat party, we get the gritty details that formed Tulip into the tough-as-nails woman we know today. It's key to understanding the inner strength that helps her, after a miserable six months of drug-'n'-booze-induced hell, to break free of Cassidy's control in so abrupt and satisfying a way.

Then she has to find Jesse. Fortunately, he's also looking for her.

Unfortunately, so is Cassidy.

Meanwhile, Herr Starr is coming under the scrutiny of the Grail, Hoover is finally free of his beachfront purgatory, and Arseface's pop-star world is unraveling. Of course, that's all auxiliary to the meat of Jesse and Tulip's reunion tale.

This penultimate volume to the Preacher series closes with a flashback tale about Jesse, Tulip and best pal Amy in their younger, wilder days. Say what you will about Jesse, but he's no horse thief ... and his sense of justice is fierce and unyielding. Next up: everything comes to a head.

review by
Tom Knapp

21 April 2012

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