Robert C. Evans, editor,
Frank O'Connor's "Ghosts"
(Court Street Press, 2003)

This is a book about a short story by a master of that abbreviated genre.

First, we get to read Frank O'Connor's short story "Ghosts." Then we get the most detailed analysis of the story, with notes on critics and criticism.

This, apart from the actual story, is very much an academic book that will be used in formal study, but it also has merit for the general reader, as it will give insights into the genre and the particular tale that is unlikely to be found elsewhere. For instance, in the analysis O'Connor's line, "The Sullivan's bill went back before my time," gets half a page of notes and comments.

Even if you know the story it is worth giving this book a look to find nuances you may have missed in your original reading.

review by
Nicky Rossiter

13 December 2008

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