Fables, Vol. 3:
Storybook Love

by Bill Willingham
(DC/Vertigo, 2004)

Storybook Love contains several sparkling stories about familiar characters. In this marvelous and engaging series of funnybook stories by Bill Willingham, Bigby Wolf (also known as the Big Bad) attempts to romance the ever-elusive Snow White in the wilderness while Prince Charming (having divorced Snow White, Briar Rose and Cinderella) challenges the calculating Bluebeard to a duel, and a homicidal Goldilocks is on the lam following the tumultuous events of the previous story arc, collected as Animal Farm.

Throw in the Mouse Police that never sleep, the Lilliputians, Thumbelina and a flying monkey serving temporarily as a mayor, and what a fun, rollicking romp through archetypes and the collective unconscious this is! This is simply just some of the best comics reading around, but as others have mentioned elsewhere, this isn't Disney and these aren't the sweet and sticky fairy story characters the unwitting might suspect.

by Stephen Richmond
22 October 2005

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