Arlene Faith,
River of Dreams
(Wooden Stone, 2003)

Arlene Faith's River of Dreams is a beautiful and peaceful album of Celtic instrumental music, following on the heels (after a three-year delay) of her previous CD, Celtic Violin.

Ably accompanied by seven other musicians, the sounds of Faith's violin is enhanced by piano, whistle, concertina, mandolin, bodhran, uillean pipes, cello, bass, guitar and percussion. The 50 minutes of music pass as if the listener is floating on a tranquil and deep-flowing river. Each track is subtly different, but the pace on the whole is unhurried, stately and gentle.

"Dances With Elves" sees the tempo increase considerably on the sixth track for a light and sprightly reel. Faith, who composed all of the tunes on the CD, co-wrote this track with husband and fellow musician Russel Kortright. "Whistle Song" is another lively jig, but the other tunes are delicate, dreamy and soothing.

Faith's website is another journey in beauty and is well worth a leisurely visit. If you like Celtic music, you will surely love relaxing, as I did, to the truly lovely sound of River of Dreams. To say anything further seems superfluous.

- Rambles
written by Jenny Ivor
published 3 April 2004

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