Arlene Faith,
Spirit of the Celtic Violin
(WoodenStone, 2000)

Arlene Faith's Spirit of the Celtic Violin is the musical equivalent of a long, hot soak in a tub. The eerie, mystical sounds of violin and background instruments remain soft and poignant throughout the CD. Most of her music reminds the listener of folksongs, although most of the tunes were written by the artist.

The background instruments vary from ocean waves and birdsong to whistles and mandolins. Despite its title, the violin works with other instruments, dominating them while creating a pleasant blend. The music seems to spring from the countryside itself, echoing the rhythms of nature.

Some songs are sprightly dance tunes, while others soothe with sweet, lingering melodies. The CD is perfect for listeners wanting wordless background music to relax to, or something pleasant and upbeat in the background. Faith quotes a Welsh poem inside the CD cover, indicating the inspiration for her works. On the front cover, she proudly plays the violin, surrounded by a field of green grass.

Arlene Faith has played a variety of musical styles, since she began playing the violin at age 7. Spirit of the Celtic Violin has been well-received all over the world, especially among her new Internet fans, and her second Celtic CD, River of Dreams, will soon be released.

- Rambles
written by Valerie Frankel
published 23 November 2002

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