by Mark Evanier,
Sergio Aragones
(DC Comics, 2001)

Fanboy is a one-joke book.

Finster is a comic nerd. Afraid of living his real life and of asking out any girl who might say yes, he submerges himself in his four-color world, where he interacts on a regular basis with the heroes of the DC Universe (with one exception, when he turns into a Finster-shaped Hulk). And, after learning Valuable Lessons from his imaginary encounters with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and more, he manages to solve certain problems in his life.

But it's just not that funny, for all that Finster thinks his own book is hilarious.

Created by Mark Evanier and Mad Magazine doodler Sergio Aragones, the book boasts an amazing array of guest artists who draw their iconic characters in a visual buffet of superheroic proportions. With their aid, Finster solves petty crimes, makes a stand against comic-book censorship and finds a date for the dance. But, eye candy aside, it's not a story that holds your attention unless you're really dedicated to the idea of finishing the book. OK, now that's out of the way. Anyone want my copy?

by Tom Knapp
4 November 2006

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