Irene Farrera,
Soy de Ti
(Indigena Records, 1999)

Irene (pronounced ee-re-neh) Farrera's third album, Soy De It (Spanish for "I am Yours"), is a mixture of Latin American, reggae and Spanish music. Her guitar playing on the cuatro (a traditional four-string) and her sultry voice are showcased in all the songs, which contain more than the simplistic messages of a lot of pop-culture music. "For the World," for instance, calls out the injustices of the world and the hope of a better future, especially for the children.

She uses both Spanish and English to put forth the message of her songs. Her English is marked by a definite Latin American accent, but it does not stop the emotion of her songs coming from her voice. Her Spanish songs are very fluid, putting forth more of the same emotion of her English songs.

Her more normal thematic songs of love and friendship are also quite different from the normal pop-culture stereotypes. "I'll be there" has a very nice percussion background with steel and other acoustical drums. It speaks of friendship and being there for one another. "On Fire" picks up the beat with a samba type flair, telling of a woman's desire for her lover.

The title track, "Soy de Ti," slows down the pace with a soulful and sultry telling of a woman's love and dedication to her lover. "Seduction" makes use of the steel drums again, in a tale of warning against a dangerous seductive woman.

If you like the nueva cancion (new song) movement or like trying new types of music, Soy de Ti will be a delightful listening experience.

[ by Jade Falcon ]

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