Patrick Feeney,
This is Me
(Crashed, 2009)

The songs on Patrick Feeney's new release This is Me range from the new and relatively unheard to wonderful renditions of old, so-called "come-all-ye" songs that deserve a wider audience.

Opening with the lovely track "To Be a Child Again," Feeney sets a tone and a sound that he will sustain through all 14 tracks. I was particularly impressed by his version of Ralph McTell's "The Irish Girl." This is a wonderful song from a great writer that now has a great version on offer.

Feeney presents songs that have been recorded by other artists such as "Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears," "Carrickfergus" and "Caledonia." The danger on listening to these is our preconceptions of the delivery from other -- perhaps favourite -- singers. Give Feeney a chance and you will enjoy these versions just as much.

"Noreen Ban" is a song I had not heard in decades, from a time when it was a family stalwart at weddings and wakes sung by my Uncle Peter. I suppose it is a tune that suffered a sort of death by being too popular at a particular time and then seemed uncool to record. Feeney has done a great job of resurrection on an excellent emigration song that deserves to be heard again.

Other songs that will appeal to a wider audience are "Our Lady of Knock" and "Saint Theresa." Younger listeners or those with an anti-religious bias may dismiss such songs but be fair, give them a listen and you might be pleasantly surprised. They are songs to listen to and enjoy rather than religious tracts -- remember, "Amazing Grace" was a religious tract.

review by
Nicky Rossiter

30 May 2009

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