Sasha Fenton & Jonathan Dee,
Moon Signs: Reveal Your Inner
Feelings & Discover Your Future

(Collins & Brown, 2001)

Moon Signs is a four-piece set that includes the book, a moon signs journal, a wheel to locate your astrological houses and rising sign, and a lunar talisman. This is a wonderful set for learning about how the energy of the moon and its cycles affect you and for discovering the lunar patterns in your life.

Your emotions and energy will repeat roughly every 28 days as the moon makes its orbit through the astrological signs. By keeping a record in the journal, you can learn how to schedule your life to maximize the high-energy days and relax during the low-energy periods. You will know when you desire to be around others and when you prefer to be alone.

The talisman is a metallic silver crescent moon pendant on a leather thong. I purchased this set shortly after it was released and the pendant has not tarnished or faded, but I do not wear it. I keep it hanging above my desk, exposed to the air, cigarette smoke and humidity changes. My kitten used to slap and bite it and there are no marks from the abuse. Obviously it is better quality than I expected.

The journal has 72 pages for journal entries, with six per astrological sign. Each page has a sentence or two at the top that describe the general tendencies for the sign. One page per sign contains a quote or proverb at the bottom. There is a chart in the back that shows the lunar ingresses through the end of 2004.

The wheel is self-explanatory. It is well constructed and can be used by everyone you know without falling apart. There is nothing fancy about it -- no fine illustrations or anything. It is simple in appearance, purpose and use.

The book is a powerhouse of lunar astrology information, from fact to folklore. It really surprised me with its depth because it appears thin and the illustrations have almost a childlike nature. Based on appearance and weight, I was not expecting much. It is divided into three sections: "Understanding Your Moon Sign," "Revealing Your Deeper Personality" and "Discovering Your Moon Horoscope." Each section goes deeper into the subject, with the third getting into moon progressions and how to calculate them. Levity is added by the frequent inclusion of folklore, poetry and other brief tidbits. It concludes with a lunar eclipse schedule from 2001-2020.

When I first opened this set, I thought I would be disappointed. That was precisely opposite of the truth. I have enjoyed it and found the journal to be quite helpful in establishing the patterns in my life. You will, also. Get it today and begin discovering your own personal lunar cycle of high and lows. You will learn when to avoid your boss or lover and when to throw a party in your backyard.

- Rambles
written by Alicia Karen Elkins
published 13 September 2003

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