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Douglas Adams
Joan Aiken
Lloyd Alexander
Kevin J. Anderson
Alex Archer
Robert Asprin
Margaret Atwood

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Ben Aaronovitch
Rivers of London No. 4: Broken Homes

Rafael Abalos
Grimpow: The Invisible Road

Mario Acevedo
The Nymphos of Rocky Flats

Peter Ackroyd
The Lambs of London

C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp
Captive Moon
Touch of Evil

Douglas Adams
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
Life, the Universe, & Everything
So Long, & Thanks for All the Fish
Mostly Harmless
The Salmon of Doubt: Hitchhiking the Galaxy One Last Time

Jake Adelstein
Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan

Joan Aiken
Black Hearts in Battersea
The Cuckoo Tree
The Felix Brooke Trilogy #1: Go Saddle the Sea
The Felix Brooke Trilogy #2: Bridle the Wind
The Felix Brooke Trilogy #3: The Teeth of the Gale
Nightbirds on Nantucket
The Stolen Lake
The Whispering Mountain
The Wolves of Willoughby

Tim Akers
The Horns of Ruin

Scott Alarik
Revival: a Folk Music Novel

Jean-Pierre Alaux & Noel Balen
The Winemaker Detective

Susan Wittig Albert
Mistletoe Man

Donald W. Albertson
Catch a Rising Star: The Adult Game of Youth Sports

Mitch Albom
The Five People You Meet in Heaven
For One More Day

Alma Alexander
The Secrets of Jin-Shei

Lloyd Alexander
The Book of Three
The Golden Dream of Carlo Chuchio
Gypsy Rizka
The House Gobbaleen, illustrated by Diane Goode
Vesper Holly #6: The Xanadu Adventure

Sherman Alexie
Indian Killer
Ten Little Indians

Charlotte Vale Allen
Grace Notes

David Almond
Raven Summer

Steven-Elliot Altman

Cornelia Amiri
Druid Quest

Anita Amirrezvani
The Blood of Flowers

Christine Amsden
Touch of Fate

Rudolfo Anaya
Bless Me, Ultima

Dennis Lee Anderson
Arthur, King

Jodi Lynn Anderson
Love & Peaches

Kevin J. Anderson
Dune: House Atreides, with Brian Herbert
Sisterhood of Dune, with Brian Herbert
Enemies & Allies
Fantastic Voyage: Microcosm
The Last Days of Krypton
The Saga of Seven Suns #1: Hidden Empire
The Saga of Seven Suns #2: A Forest of Stars
Star Wars: Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina, editor

Laurie Halse Anderson

Ilona Andrews
Magic Bites
Magic Burns

Patricia Anthony
God's Fires

Benjamin Appel
Life & Death of a Tough Guy
Sweet Money Girl

Alex Archer
Rogue Angel #1: Destiny
Rogue Angel #2: Solomon's Jar
Rogue Angel #3: The Spider Stone
Rogue Angel #4: The Chosen

Kevin Archer
In Lieu of Heaven

Malcolm Archibald
Whales for the Wizard

Kelley Armstrong
Women of the Otherworld #1: Bitten
Women of the Otherworld #2: Stolen
Women of the Otherworld #3: Dime Store Magic
Women of the Otherworld #4: Industrial Magic
Women of the Otherworld #5: Haunted
Women of the Otherworld #6: Broken
Women of the Otherworld #7: No Humans Involved
Women of the Otherworld #8: Personal Demon
Women of the Otherworld #9: Living with the Dead
Women of the Otherworld #12: Spell Bound

Larita Arnold
The Fastest Ship

Michael A. Arnzen
100 Jolts: Shockingly Short Stories

Robert P. Arthur
Crazy Horse in Heaven

Hanne Arts
 Just Perfect

David Artuso
Bear Goddess

Catherine Asaro
The Veiled Web

Matilde Asensi
The Last Cato

Isaac Asimov
Robot Dreams
Robot Visions

Robert Asprin
Another Fine Myth
Hit or Myth
Little Myth Marker
Myth Alliances, with Jody Lynn Nye
Myth Conceptions
Myth Directions
M.Y.T.H. Inc. in Action
M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link
Myth-ing Persons
Myth-ion Improbable
Myth-nomers & Im-pervections
No Phule Like an Old Phule, with Peter J. Heck
Sweet Myth-tery of Life

Raymond Atkins
Camp Redemption
The Front Porch Prophet
Sorrow Wood

Kate Atkinson
When Will There Be Good News?

Margaret Atwood
Alias Grace
The Blind Assassin
Cat's Eye
The Handmaid's Tale
MaddAddam Trilogy #1: Oryx & Crake
MaddAddam Trilogy #2: The Year of the Flood
The Robber Bride

Bernardo Atxaga
El Hijo del Acordeonista (The Accordionist's Son)
The Lone Man

Edward Aubry
Static Mayhem

Steve Augarde
The Various

Jane Austen & Seth Grahame-Smith
Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

Gregory J. Austin, with Rick Sellers
Fallen City

Lynn Austin
Candle in the Darkness
A Light to My Path

The Man Who Was Poe
Midnight Magic
The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

Steven Axelrod
Nantucket Five-Spot: A Henry Kennis Mystery

Michael Aye
The Reaper
HMS SeaWolf

Steve Aylett

Janet Aylmer
Darcy's Story

mini index
Kage Baker
Nancy Baker
David Baldacci
L.A. Banks
Nick Bantock
Gregory Benford
Curt Benjamin
Amber Benson
Carol Berg
Anne Bishop
Holly Black
Jenna Black
James P. Blaylock
Francesca Lia Block
Marion Zimmer Bradley
Gillian Bradshaw
Chaz Brenchley
Patricia Briggs
Poppy Z. Brite
Simon Brown
N.M. Browne
Steven Brust
Emma Bull
Chris Bunch
Jim Butcher
A.S. Byatt

general fantasy
contemporary fantasy
science fiction
young adult
short stories


Richard Bach

Camille Bacon-Smith
Eyes of the Empress
The Face of Time

Tilly Bagshawe
Adored (audiobook)
Showdown (audiobook)

Dale Bailey & Jack Slay Jr.
Sleeping Policemen

Jim Bailey
The End of Healing

Len Bailey

Alison Baird
The Hidden World

E.D. Baker
The Frog Princess

Kage Baker
The Anvil of the World
Black Projects, White Knights
The Children of the Company
The Graveyard Game
In the Garden of Iden
Mendoza in Hollywood
Or Else My Lady Keeps the Key
Sky Coyote
The Women of Nell Gwynne's

Kage Baker & Kathleen Bartholomew
Nell Gwynne's On Land & at Sea

Nancy Baker
Blood & Chrysanthemums
The Night Inside (also published as Kiss of the Vampire)
A Terrible Beauty

Tiffany Baker
The Gilly Salt Sisters

David Baldacci
The Christmas Train (audiobook)
Split Second (audiobook)
Wish You Well

Bruce Balfour
The Digital Dead
The Forge of Mars

Pip Ballantine & Tee Morris
Magical Mechanications
Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences: Phoenix Rising
Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences: The Janus Affair

Sandra Balzo
Running on Empty

Eunice Banks
The Trouble With Tom

L.A. Banks
My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding
Vampire Huntress #1: Minion
Vampire Huntress #2: The Awakening
Vampire Huntress #3: The Hunted

Lynne Reid Banks
The Adventures of King Midas

Nick Bantock
The Forgetting Room
The Golden Mean
Griffin & Sabine
Kubla Khan
The Museum at Purgatory: A Wondrous Strange Tale
Sabine's Notebook
The Venetian's Wife

Adrienne Barbeau
Love Bites

Adrienne Barbeau & Michael Scott
Vampyres of Hollywood

Clive Barker
Mister B. Gone

Lawrence Barker
Mother Feral's Love

Sophia Bar-Lev
The Silver Locket

Jeffrey E. Barlough
Dark Sleeper
Strange Cargo

John Barnes
The Duke of Uranium

Jonathan Barnes
The Domino Men

Steven Barnes
Lion's Blood
Zulu Heart

T.A. Barron
Tree Girl

Neil Bartlett
Ready to Catch Him Should He Fall

Christina Bartolomeo
Cupid & Diana

C.G. Bauer
Scars on the Face of God

Marion Dane Bauer
The Red Ghost

Jonathan Baumbach
You (or the Invention of Memory)

Charles Baxter
Gryphon: New & Selected Stories

Peter S. Beagle
A Dance for Emilia
The Last Unicorn

Will Beall
L.A. Rex

Elizabeth Bear
New Amsterdam
Promethean Age #2: Whiskey & Water
Promethean Age #3: Ink & Steel
Promethean Age #4: Hell & Earth
Seven for a Secret
Shadow Unit: Season One

Greg Bear
Darwin's Radio
Dinosaur Summer

David Beasley
Sarah's Journey

Aiden Beaverson
The Hidden Arrow of Maether

K.A. Bedford
Hydrogen Steel
Orbital Burn

Alan Beechey
This Private Plot

Everette Bell
The Mourning Edge of Iron

Hilari Bell
The Farsala Trilogy #2: Rise of a Hero
The Farsala Trilogy #3: Forging the Sword

James Scott Bell
A Certain Truth

Ludwig Bemelmans
Madeline's Rescue (audiobook)

Peter Benchley
White Shark

Lyn Benedict
Sins & Shadows

Gregory Benford
The Martian Race
Microcosms, editor
The Sunborn

Sandra Benitez
The Weight of All Things

Curt Benjamin
Lords of Grass & Thunder
Seven Brothers #1: The Prince of Shadows
Seven Brothers #2: The Prince of Dreams
Seven Brothers #3: The Gates of Heaven

Nigel Bennett & P.N. Elrod
Keeper of the King

Vanora Bennett
Portrait of an Unknown Woman

M.D. Benoit
Metered Space

Amber Benson & Christopher Golden
Ghosts of Albion: Accursed
Ghosts of Albion: Initiation
Ghosts of Albion: Witchery
The Seven Whistlers

Raymond Benson
Dark Side of the Morgue

Linda Berdoll
Mr Darcy Takes a Wife

Carol Berg
The Bridge of D'Arnath #1: Son of Avonar
The Bridge of D'Arnath #2: Guardians of the Keep
Song of the Beast

Elizabeth Berg
Open House: A Novel

Jody Bergsma

Elaine Bergstrom
The Door Through Washington Square

Steve Berman
Second Thoughts: More Queer & Weird Stories
Vintage: A Ghost Story

Kate Bernheimer
Horse, Flower, Bird

Wendell Berry
Jayber Crow

Alfred Bester
The Stars My Destination

Kaitlin Bevis
Daughters of Zeus, No. 1: Persephone
Daughters of Zeus, No. 2: Daughter of Earth & Sky
Daughters of Zeus, No. 3: The Iron Queen

Franny Billingsley
The Folk Keeper

Randall N. Bills
Battletech/MechWarrior: Hunters of the Deep

Anne Bishop
The Black Jewels Trilogy
  (omnibus: Daughter of the Blood, Heir to the Shadows, Queen of the Darkness)
Dreams Made Flesh
The Invisible Ring

Michael Bishop
Unicorn Mountain

Holly Black

Holly Black & Tony DiTerlizzi
The Spiderwick Chronicles #1: The Field Guide
The Spiderwick Chronicles #2: The Seeing Stone
The Spiderwick Chronicles #3: Lucinda's Secret
The Spiderwick Chronicles #4: The Ironwood Tree
The Spiderwick Chronicles #5: The Wrath of Mulgarath

Jen Black
The Banners of Alba

Jenna Black
Dark Descendant
Guardians of the Night #1: Watchers in the Night
Guardians of the Night #2: Secrets in the Shadows
Guardians of the Night #3: Shadows on the Soul
Morgan Kingsley, Exorcist #1: The Devil Inside

Julia Blackburn
The Leper's Companions

Sarah Blakley-Cartwright
Red Riding Hood

Alice Blanchard
The Breathtaker (audiobook)

William Peter Blatty

James P. Blaylock
The Affair of the Chalk Cliffs
In for a Penny
The Rainy Season
Thirteen Phantasms

Alex Bledsoe
Blood Groove

David Blixt
Colossus: Stone & Steel
Star-Cross'd #1: The Master of Verona
Star-Cross'd #2: Voice of the Falconer
Star-Cross'd #3: Fortune's Fool

Robert Bloch
The Lost Bloch: Vol. 3, edited by David J. Schow
The Night of the Ripper

Francesca Lia Block
Blood Roses
House of Dolls
I Was a Teenage Fairy
Pretty Dead
The Rose & the Beast: Fairy Tales Retold
Violet & Clare
The Waters & the Wild
Weetzie Bat

Lawrence Block
Burglar on the Prowl
Out on the Cutting Edge
Sinner Man
Small Town

Edward Bloor
Story Time

Judy Blume, editor
Places I Never Meant To Be: Original Stories by Censored Writers

Alice Borchardt
The Silver Wolf

Megan Bostic
Never Eighteen

Richard Botelho
Leah's Way

Boris Bouquerel
Say Hello to Jupiter

Ben Bova
The Precipice (The Asteroid Wars, Volume I)

Rhys Bowen
Her Royal Spyness

Richard Bowes
From the Files of the Time Rangers
Minions of the Moon

Elizabeth Boyer
Wizard's War #1: The Troll's Grindstone
Wizard's War #2: The Curse of Slagfid
World of the Alfar #1: The Sword & the Satchel
World of the Alfar #2: The Elves & the Otterskin
World of the Alfar #3: The Thrall & the Dragon's Heart
World of the Alfar #4: The Wizard & the Warlord

Joseph Boyden
Three Day Road

Leigh Brackett
Stranger at Home

P.J. Brackston
Gretel & the Case of the Missing Frog Prints

Ray Bradbury
The Illustrated Man

Marion Zimmer Bradley
The Ages of Chaos
  (omnibus: Stormqueen, Hawkmistress)
The Clingfire Trilogy #1: The Fall of Neskaya, with Deborah J. Ross
The Clingfire Trilogy #2: Zandru's Forge, with Deborah J. Ross
The Clingfire Trilogy #3: A Flame in Hali, with Deborah J. Ross
The Firebrand
The Forbidden Circle
  (omnibus: The Spell Sword & The Forbidden Tower)
Heritage & Exile
  (omnibus: The Heritage of Hastur, Sharra's Exile)
The Mists of Avalon
Priestess of Avalon, with Diana Paxson
The Saga of the Renunciates
  (omnibus: The Shattered Chain, Thendara House, City of Sorcery)
Sword & Sorceress XX (editor)
To Save a World
  (omnibus: The World Wreckers, The Planet Savers)
Traitor's Sun
A World Divided
  (omnibus: The Bloody Sun, Star of Danger, The Winds of Darkover)

Gillian Bradshaw
Hawk of May
Kingdom of Summer
In Winter's Shadow
The Sand-Reckoner
The Wolf Hunt
The Wrong Reflection

Eileen Brady
A Kate Turner, D.V.M. Mystery: Muzzled
A Kate Turner, D.V.M. Mystery: Unleashed

Karla Brady
The Soul of the Band

William Brandt
The Book of the Film of the Story of My Life

Bodil Bredsdorff
The Crow Girl

Chaz Brenchley
The Devil in the Dust (The First Book of Outremer)
Tower of the King's Daughter (The Second Book of Outremer)
A Dark Way to Glory (The Third Book of Outremer)
Feast of the King's Shadow (The Fourth Book of Outremer)
The End of All Roads (The Sixth Book of Outremer)

Herbie Brennan
Faerie Wars
Fairy Nuff: A Tale of Bluebell Wood

Noel-Anne Brennan
The Blood of the Land

Sarah Rees Brennan
The Lynburn Legacy, No. 1: Unspoken

Simon Brett
Blotto, Twinks & the Dead Dowager Duchess
Blotto, Twinks, & the Ex-King's Daughter

Gil Brewer
Angry Arnold
A Devil for O'Shaugnessy
The Erotics
Gun the Dame Down
The Three Way Split

Heather Brewer
Legacy of Tril #1: Soulbound

D. Barkley Briggs
Legends of Karac Tor: The Book of Names

K.M. Briggs
Kate Crackernuts

Patricia Briggs
Alpha & Omega
Dragon Blood
The Hob's Bargain
Mercy Thompson #1: Moon Called
Mercy Thompson #2: Blood Bound
Mercy Thompson #3: Iron Kissed

David Brin
Kiln People
The Uplift Saga #1: Sundiver
The Uplift Saga #2: Startide Rising
The Uplift Saga #3: The Uplift War

Sybil G. Brinton
Old Friends & New Fancies: The Imaginary Sequel to the Novels of Jane Austen

Kristen Britain
First Rider's Call

Poppy Z. Brite
Antediluvian Tales
The Devil You Know
Lost Souls
Plastic Jesus
Triads, with Christa Faust

Kevin Brockmeier
The Brief History of the Dead

David S. Brody
Templars in America #1: Cabal of the Westford Knight
Templars in America #4: The Oath of Nimrod

James Bromley
Adding Two to the Heart: A New Family

Matt Bronleewe
House of Wolves

Max Brooks
The Zombie Survival Guide
The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks, with Ibraim Roberson

Terry Brooks
Genesis of Shannara #3: The Gypsy Morph
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
The Sword of Shannara
The Word & the Void #1: Running with the Demon
The Word & the Void #2: A Knight of the Word
The Word & the Void #3: Angel Fire East

Sigmund Brouwer
The Disappearing Jewel of Madagascar
The Volcano of Doom

Amy Belding Brown
Flight of the Sparrow

Carrie Brown
The House on Belle Isle

Dan Brown
The Lost Symbol

Eric Brown
Threshold Shift

Lani Massey Brown
A Margin of Error

Simon Brown
Keys of Power #1: Inheritance
Keys of Power #2: Fire & Sword
Keys of Power #3: Sovereign

Matt Browne
The Future Happens Twice

N.M. Browne
Warriors of Alavna
Warriors of Camlann

Cara Bruce, editor

Elizabeth Brundage
The Doctor's Wife

Meghan Brunner
From the Ashes

Don Bruns
Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Steven Brust
The Book of Athyra
  (omnibus: Athyra, Orca)
Freedom & Necessity, with Emma Bull
To Reign in Hell
The Sun, the Moon, & the Stars

Karen Mueller Bryson
Hey Dorothy, You're Not in Kansas Anymore

Tobias S. Buckell
Crystal Rain

Michael Buckley
The Sisters Grimm: The Fairy-Tale Detectives, Book 1

M.M. Buckner

Rick Buda

Robert Buettner

D.W. Buffa
The Legacy (audiobook)

Margaret Buffie
The Watcher

Lois McMaster Bujold
Barrayar (series)
The Spirit Ring

Mikhail Bulgakov
The Master & Margarita

Emma Bull
Bone Dance
Freedom & Necessity, with Steven Brust
Shadow Unit: Season One
War for the Oaks

Chris Bunch
The Double-Cross Program
The Scoundrel Worlds
Star Risk, Ltd.

Anita Bunkley
Between Goodbyes

T. Davis Bunn
Riders of the Pale Horse

Alafair Burke
Long Gone

James Lee Burke
Crusader's Cross
Wayfaring Stranger

Kealan Patrick Burke
The Number 121 to Pennsylvania & Others

Allison Burnett
Undiscovered Gyrl

W.R. Burnett
Iron Man
It's Always Four O'Clock

D. Kim Burnham
The Bureau of Resurrection

Sarah Felix Burns
Jackfish, The Vanishing Village

Jim Butcher
The Dresden Files #1: Storm Front
The Dresden Files #2: Fool Moon
The Dresden Files #3: Grave Peril
The Dresden Files #4: Summer Knight
The Dresden Files #5: Death Masks
The Dresden Files #6: Blood Rites
The Dresden Files #7: Dead Beat
The Dresden Files #8: Proven Guilty
The Dresden Files #9: White Night
The Dresden Files #10: Small Favor
The Dresden Files #11: Turn Coat
The Dresden Files #12: Changes
The Dresden Files #13: Ghost Story
My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding
Side Jobs

Marguerite Butler
Death by Scandal
The Mad Hatterlys #1: Compromising Prudence
The Mad Hatterlys #2: Becoming Mr. Brooking
The Mad Hatterlys #3: Civilizing Frances

A.S. Byatt
The Djinn in the Nightingale's Eye
Elementals: Stories of Fire & Ice

Richard Lee Byers
Forgotten Realms: War of the Spider Queen, Book I: Dissolution

Linda Byler
Lizzie Searches for Love #1: Running Around (& Such)