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Brian Haig
Joe Haldeman
Shannon Hale
Tate Hallaway
Barbara Hambly
Laurell K. Hamilton
Peter F. Hamilton
Karen Hancock
Charlaine Harris
Kim Harrison
Robert A. Heinlein
John Helfers
Georgette Heyer
Carl Hiaasen
Alice Hoffman
Nina Kiriki Hoffman
Tom Holt
Nalo Hopkinson
David L. Howells
Tanya Huff

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Lia Habel
Dearly, Departed

Margaret Peterson Haddix
Just Ella

Brian Haig
The Kingmaker (audiobook)
Mortal Allies (audiobook)
Private Sector (audiobook)

Peter Haining, editor
Great Irish Tales of Horror: A Treasury of Fear

Ann Halam

Joe Haldeman
The Forever War
Old Twentieth

Shannon Hale
Book of a Thousand Days
Enna Burning
The Goose Girl
Princess Academy

J.C. Hall
Lady of the Lakes

Joan Upton Hall
Arturo el Rey

Tate Hallaway
Garnet Lacey #1: Tall, Dark & Dead
Garnet Lacey #2: Dead Sexy
Garnet Lacey #3: Romancing the Dead
Garnet Lacey #4: Dead If I Do

W.F. Halsey
To Kill an Eidolon

Winifred Halsey, editor
Heaven & Hell

Barbara Hambly
The Emancipator's Wife
Sisters of the Raven

Donald Hamilton
Death of a Citizen
The Wrecking Crew

Laurell K. Hamilton
Guilty Pleasures
Incubus Dreams
A Kiss of Shadows
Obsidian Butterfly

Peter F. Hamilton
Fallen Dragon
Judas Unchained
The Naked God, Part 2: Faith

Richard Hamilton
Violet & the Mean & Rotten Pirates

Steve Hamilton
Ice Run
Night Work

Elmore Hammes
The Holmes & Watson Mysterious Events & Objects Consortium: The Case of the Witch's Talisman

Karen Hancock
Legends of the Guardian King, Book 1: Light of Eidon
Legends of the Guardian King, Book 2: The Shadow Within

Elizabeth Hand
Generation Loss

Kristin Hannah
True Colors

Byron Hansen & Dennis Meier
The Science Club Kids & the Fabulous Phrenosan Wormhole Device

Hart Hanson
The Driver

Cathy Hapka
Lost: Endangered Species

Holly Hardin
Aurora of the Northern Lights

G.P. Hardy III
Angels of Wrath

Bill Harley
Bear's All-Night Party

Dani Harper
Dark Wolf No. 1: First Bite

Steven Harper

Charlaine Harris
Harper Connelly #1: Grave Sight
Harper Connelly #2: Grave Surprise
My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding
Southern Vampire #1: Dead Until Dark
Southern Vampire #2: Living Dead in Dallas
Southern Vampire #3: Club Dead
Southern Vampire #4: Dead to the World
Southern Vampire #5: Dead as a Doornail
Southern Vampire #6: Definitely Dead
Southern Vampire #7: All Together Dead
Southern Vampire #8: From Dead to Worse

Charlaine Harris & Toni L.P. Kelner, editors
Many Bloody Returns

J. Elizabeth Harris
A Light in the Window

Joanne Harris

Robert J. Harris & Jane Yolen
Queen's Own Fool: A Novel of Mary, Queen of Scots

Thomas Harris
Hannibal Rising
The Silence of the Lambs

Cora Harrison
I was Jane Austen's Best Friend

Kim Harrison
Rachel Morgan #1: Dead Witch Walking
Rachel Morgan #2: The Good, the Bad & the Undead
Rachel Morgan #3: Every Which Way But Dead

Mette Ivie Harrison
The Princess & the Hound

Marcus Alexander Hart
The Oblivion Society

Gloria Hartman
Race for Doroon

Jane E. Hartman
Hatchet Harbor: A Maine Coast Adventure

Keith Hartman
Gumshoe Gorilla
The Gumshoe, the Witch, & the Virtual Corpse
Murder Beneath the Buried Sky

Rachel Hartman

William K. Hartmann
Mars Underground

David Hartwell & Kathryn Cramer, editors
Year's Best SF 7
Year's Best SF 9

Bob Harvey
Me & You Too: Catalyst

Michael Harvey
The Fifth Floor

Merrie Haskell
The Princess Curse

Deborah Hautzig
Second Star to the Right

Steven F. Havill
Blood Sweep

Richard Hawke
Speak of the Devil

Margaret Hawkins
Restless Spirit

Rachel Hawthorne
Dark Guardians #1: Moonlight

Heather Hayashi
To Save the World

Elizabeth Haydon
Rhapsody: Child of Blood

J.M. Hayes
The Spirit & the Skull

Melinda Haynes

Pauline Hayton
A Corporal's War: World War II Adventures of a Royal Engineer

Paul Headrick
That Tune Clutches My Heart

Julie Hearn
Sign of the Raven

Lian Hearn
Across the Nightingale Floor: Tales of the Otori, Book I
Grass for His Pillow: Tales of the Otori, Book II

Robert A. Heinlein
Beyond This Horizon
Citizen of the Galaxy
The Door into Summer
Double Star
Glory Road
The Green Hills of Earth
Have Space Suit-Will Travel
The Man Who Sold the Moon
Methuselah's Children
The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
The Past Through Tomorrow
The Puppet Masters
Red Planet
Revolt in 2100
Starship Troopers
Stranger in a Strange Land
Waldo & Magic Inc.

Kristen Heitzmann
The Still of Night

Rhiannon Held

John Helfers, editor
Knight Fantastic, with Martin H. Greenberg
Once Upon a Galaxy, with Martin H. Greenberg & Wil McCarthy
Space Stations, with Martin H. Greenberg
The Valdemar Companion, with Denise Little

Janet Ruth Heller
How The Moon Regained Her Shape

John G. Hemry
Burden of Proof
A Just Determination

Barb & J.C. Hendee
Thief of Lives

Gay Hendricks & Tinker Lindsay
The Third Rule of Ten

Howard V. Hendrix
Empty Cities of the Full Moon
Standing Wave

Sheila Hendrix
Bad Company

Bruce Hennigan
Jonathan Steel Chronicles #2: The 12th Demon: Vampyre Majick

Mark Henry
Happy Hour of the Damned

Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson
Dune: House Atreides
Sisterhood of Dune

Frank Herbert
Soul Catcher

Karen Hesse
Out of the Dust

James A. Hetley
The Summer Country
The Winter Oak

Georgette Heyer
Behold, Here's Poison
Black Sheep
Devil's Cub
False Colours
Friday's Child
The Grand Sophy
An Infamous Army
Lady of Quality
Royal Escape
The Spanish Bride

Carl Hiaasen
Basket Case
Skinny Dip
Strip Tease

Tracy & Laura Hickman
Mystic Warrior

Patricia Highsmith
The Talented Mr. Ripley

Jason Hightman
The Saint of Dragons

T.L. Higley
Marduk's Tablet

Charlie Higson
The Enemy

David Wesley Hill
At Drake's Command

Debora Elizabeth Hill & Sandra Brandenburg
Lost Myths Saga, Vol. I: The Land of the Wand

Kirkpatrick Hill
Minuk: Ashes in the Pathway

Reginald Hill
The Woodcutter

Tony Hillerman

Donald Himelstein
Above Honor: Rachel's Story

Jim C. Hines
Princess Novels #1: The Stepsister Scheme

T.L. Hines
The Dead Whisper On
Waking Lazarus

Lynne M. Hinkey
Marina Melee
The Un-Familiar: A Tale of Cats & Gods

S.E. Hinton
Hawkes Harbor

Glen Hirshberg
The Two Sams

Orrie Hitt
The Cheaters
Dial "M" for Man

Robin Hobb
Shaman's Crossing

Michael Hoeye
Time Stops for No Mouse

Alice Hoffman
Green Angel
The Ice Queen (audiobook)
The Probable Future
The River King
Water Tales
  (omnibus: Aquamarine, Indigo)

Mary Hoffman
Stravaganza: City of Masks
Stravaganza: City of Stars

Nina Kiriki Hoffman
A Fistful of Sky
A Red Heart of Memories
The Silent Strength of Stones
The Thread That Binds the Bones

Lee Hogan

Mary Hogan
Susanna Sees Stars

Nancy Holder

Elisabeth Sanxay Holding
Dark Power
The Old Battle-Ax

Robert Holdstock
The Hollowing
Mythago Wood

Cecelia Holland
The Angel & the Sword
The Kings in Winter

David Holland
Murcheston: The Wolf's Tale

A.H. Holt
Blood Redemption
Riding Fence
Silver Creek

Tom Holt
Djinn Rummy
Expecting Someone Taller
Faust Among Equals
Flying Dutch
Little People
My Hero
Nothing But Blue Skies
Only Human
Open Sesame
Paint Your Dragon
The Portable Door
Snow White & the Seven Samurai
Who's Afraid of Beowulf?
Wish You Were Here

Nancy Holzner

Mary Hooper
Petals in the Ashes

J.E. Hopkins
Lover's Betrayal

Nalo Hopkinson
Brown Girl in the Ring
Midnight Robber
Skin Folk

Nalo Hopkinson & Geoff Ryman, editors
Tesseracts Nine

Nick Hornby
High Fidelity
A Long Way Down

Kate Horsley
Confessions of a Pagan Nun

Khaled Hosseini
The Kite Runner
A Thousand Splendid Suns

Colleen Houck
Tiger's Curse
Tiger's Quest

James D. Houston
Snow Mountain Passage

Susan Howatch
Glamorous Powers

Deborah Howe
Bunnicula: A Rabbit-Tale of Mystery

Katherine Howe
The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane

David L. Howells
Vanessa: Family Tree
Vanessa: All Heaven Breaks Loose
Vanessa: Mended Harps
Vanessa: Fallen Colors

Del Howison
When Werewolves Attack: A Field Guide to Dispatching Ravenous Flesh-Ripping Beasts

Mary Howitt
The Spider & the Fly, illustrated by Tony DiTerlizzi

H.R. Howland

Sarah A. Hoyt
Ill Met by Moonlight

Will Hubbell
Cretaceous Sea
Sea of Time

Thomas Hubschman
Space Ark

Tanya Huff
Blood Ties #1: Blood Price
Blood Ties #2: Blood Trail
Blood Ties #3: Blood Lines
Blood Ties #4: Blood Pact
Blood Ties #5: Blood Debt
Fifth Quarter
Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light
The Keeper's Chronicles #1: Summon the Keeper
The Keeper's Chronicles #2: The Second Summoning
The Keeper's Chronicles #3: Long Hot Summoning
Sing the Four Quarters
Smoke #1: Smoke & Shadows
Smoke #2: Smoke & Mirrors
Smoke #3: Smoke & Ashes
Stealing Magic
Wizard of the Grove
  (omnibus: Child of the Grove, The Last Wizard)

Barry Hughart
Bridge of Birds

Matthew Hughes
Black Brillion
The Commons

Susan Hughes
The Island Horse

David Hunt
The Magician's Tale

Seth Hunter
Nathan Peake #1: The Time of Terror
Nathan Peake #2: The Tide of War
Nathan Peake #3: The Price of Glory
Nathan Peake #4: The Winds of Folly
Nathan Peake #5: The Flag of Freedom
 Nathan Peake #6: The Spoils of Conquest

Don Hussey
Chesapeake Station: It Began with Serenity

Charlie Huston
Already Dead

Siri Hustvedt
The Blindfold

Elisabeth Hyde
The Abortionist's Daughter


Janis Ian & Mike Resnick, editors

Eva Ibbotson
Journey to the River Sea, with Kevin Hawkes
The Secret of Platform 13
Which Witch?

Eric Idle
The Road to Mars

Ed Ifkovic
An Edna Ferber Mystery: Cafe Europa
An Edna Ferber Mystery: Cold Morning

Walter Ihlefield
Banshee Rising
Controlled Conclusion

Randy Ingermanson
Double Vision

Charles Ingrid
The Marked Man Omnibus

Alex Irvine
Unintended Consequences

John Irving
The Fourth Hand
A Prayer for Owen Meany

Washington Irving
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow & Other Stories

Kazuo Ishiguro
Never Let Me Go

Joan Shaddox Isom
Offerings in the Snow: A Christmas Story

Bill Ison
KillRod: The Cross of Lorraine Murders

David Garrett Izzo