Fiddlers Bid,
Naked & Bare
(Greentrax, 2005)

If you like fiddle music, you will adore Naked & Bare. Fiddlers Bid is a top-class exponent of the rich fiddle tradition of the Shetlands, and through slow sets and fast they will mesmerise you.

Four top-class fiddlers front a band that also features piano, bass, guitar and harp to fill your room with the spirit not just of those wild and wonderful islands but also a cross section of new sounds. Opening with the title track, a Shetland traditional tune, they will have you entranced.

Chris Stout wrote a number of the tracks on offer, including "Da White Wife." The notes tell us the title can refer to a ghost or a beer. In fact, most band members get in on the compositions and prove a great writing talent.

I particularly love a Swedish tune called "Vals from Orsa." The fiddler from the Dubliners, John Sheahan, has a track on here called "Christchurch Cathedral." Another favourite of mine, "Foroyar Tune," closes the album. It is based on a wedding song from the Faroe Islands.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 10 September 2005