Fiddlers 3,
The Rhythm Chapter
(Sheezo, 2007)

They keep on coming with this compulsively foot-tapping music and an album that should have a health warning to be avoided by those of a sedate or "dicky ticker" disposition. If a person warned against excessive excitement were to accidentally hear this album, we dare not contemplate the consequences.

From the second track onwards to the No.12 offering, you are whirled along in a flurry of fiddles that seldom lets up and even when it does relax, you are mesmerized by the beauty of the few slow pieces.

"Boots & Shorts" sets the tone both in the quality of the music on offer, but also with a quirky title that gives a taste of the verve and humour of the performers. On this album you will find old and new material. Your feet will tap and your heart will palpitate as Fiddlers 3 whisk you on a musical journey.

Their interpretation of the more common tracks like "Haste to the Wedding" and "Battle of Aughrim" will give great enjoyment, but hold your breath as you approach track 8.

The tempo reduces but the quality increases on the wonderful set combining "Neil Gow's Lament" and "Ashoken Farewell." The album is worth purchasing just for this track.

I am astonished that Fiddlers 3 have managed to maintain -- indeed increase -- the tempo, verve and sheer enthusiasm of their earlier album on this collection of fantastic fiddle music.

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review by
Nicky Rossiter

12 April 2008

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