Charles Coleman Finlay,
The Prodigal Troll
(Pyr, 2005)

This is the story of Maggot, a human child raised by trolls, and his journey to understand his past, where he came from, and where he should go for his future. Think Tarzan of the Apes, if Tarzan was named Maggot and was raised by trolls.

Told from different points of view, the reader gets a full sense of where Maggot came from, even if he doesn't know the details himself. The world Charles Coleman Finlay has created grabs your interest, and it is fascinating to see how the different cultures and races are affecting each other -- with Maggot caught somewhere in between.

And amidst lies, deceit and concepts Maggot has never encountered, he tries his best to figure out how he can fit into the world of man -- especially after he has found the woman that both excites and tortures his spirit.

review by
Gloria Oliver

25 August 2007

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