Kevin Fisher,
(Pianostreams, 2002)

Kevin Fisher's Serenity is a beautiful CD, filled with slow, melodious songs. These compositions, all played on the piano, create a soothing work environment or make perfect background music for almost anything.

The sweet songs are very peaceful, such as "Moments of Tenderness," a melody that incorporates the steady beat of rainfall into its tune, until it sounds like the music of a harp. The slightly sad "Graceful Wings" and the mellow "Serenity" offer their own flavors. One track flows seamlessly into the next, gentling the atmosphere of any room. These tunes would also work well as lullabies, smooth and undisturbing.

Alas, there are only 40 minutes of music from this talented Australian performer, so this CD will only provide background music for a short time. It's a lovely little collection.

- Rambles
written by Valerie Frankel
published 30 August 2003