Sheree Fitch,
The Gravesavers
(Doubleday, 2005)

Minn Hotchkiss is not happy. Due to her mother's illness, her parents are sending her to spend the summer with her grandmother. While most kids might enjoy a visit to the seaside, Minn is not looking forward to the trip, as she and her grandmother don't get along with one another. Minn thinks Nana Hotchkiss is mean and Nana thinks Minn is a brat.

But as the summer progresses, Minn discovers that there's more to her grandmother than she has ever known. For one thing, Nana has been involved in trying to save the graves of the victims of the wreck of the SS Atlantic, which ran aground over a hundred years ago near Nana's village of Boulder Basin. The ocean is eroding the land beneath the victims' tiny graveyard and washing the bodies back out to sea. When Minn cooks up a truly hare-brained scheme to draw attention to the graves' plight, she puts her own life at risk, and learns a few things about herself and her family that she would never have guessed.

The Gravesavers is aimed at mid-grade readers (ages 9-12), and is told mainly from Minn's first-person viewpoint, with interludes from a survivor of the shipwreck. Minn is an engaging narrator and fun character to follow. With its blend of romance, mystery and creepy ghost story, The Gravesavers should appeal to the target age group.

review by
Laurie Thayer

4 August 2007

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