(preserved here for their historical value)
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Fire in the Glen, v.8.0 (Tom Knapp, Dave Pedrick & Melissa Brun)

photos by Bill Knapp

Fire in the Glen, v7.5 (Tom Knapp, Amanda Wells & Dave Pedrick)

Fire in the Glen, v7.0 (Tom Knapp, Amanda Wells & Durelle Leaman)

photo by Kyle Sellers,
27 March 2014

photo by Melissa Engle,
24 May 2014

15 June 2014
at Quips Pub, photos by James T. Giffen

Fire in the Glen, v6.0 (Tom Knapp, Michael Filippo & Amanda Wells)

photos by John Teed, 5 August 2012

St. Patrick's Eve,
Sturges Speakeasy,
16 March 2013

St. Patrick's Day,
17 March 2013

15 September 2012,
photos by Robb Graves

Fire in the Glen, v5.0 (Tom Knapp, Aaron Gagne & Michael Filippo)

photos by Sherri Gagne, March 2012

photos by Sherri Gagne, April 2012

Fire in the Glen, v4.0 (Tom Knapp, Jason Mundok & Aaron Gagne)

photos by Susanne Mundok

photos by Sherri Gagne (4) & Rachel Franklin (2)

Fire in the Glen, v3.0 (Tom Knapp & Jason Mundok)

photos by Susanne Mundok

Fire in the Glen, v2.0 (Tom Knapp & Chet Williamson)

photos by Bill Knapp

Fire in the Glen, v1.0 (Tom Knapp & John Varner)

photos by Bill Knapp

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