A Flight of Angels
by Rebecca Guay & Holly Black, Bill Willingham,
Alisa Kwitney, Louise Hawes & Todd Mitchell (Vertigo, 2011)

Sometimes, it feels like the majority of DC Comics' Vertigo line is an offshoot or homage to Neil Gaiman's early work with the company.

That's not a bad thing.

A Flight of Angels was conceived and illustrated by Rebecca Guay. The stories within are told by five storytellers: Holly Black, Bill Willingham, Alisa Kwitney, Louise Hawes and Todd Mitchell.

The story begins with several diverse members of the faerie realm following what they believe to be a falling star, only to find at journey's end that an angel has fallen to Earth and is grievously hurt. Some of the faerie folk think they should finish the job and kill the angel, while others believe they should help him. So they tell stories about angels to help them decide what to do.

Guay illustrates each tale, and the narrative that unites them, in vastly differing styles -- it's hard to believe they are all by one artist. Each is gorgeously executed, with a style that suits the tale in question. And the ending -- well, you might not anticipate the way things turn out.

And that, too, is a good thing.

review by
Tom Knapp

6 June 2015

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