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The folk section covers a broad spectrum of mostly American folk (traditional and contemporary), folk-rock, singer-songwriter and indie recordings. Primarily, you can expect to find music which strikes at the heart of the folk tradition, where we spotlight innovative songwriters and performers who've laid the groundwork for the great folk tradition and who help to maintain that tradition today.

You'll find acoustic music here, as well as bands playing traditional music with electric guitars and bands playing new music on traditional instruments. Old-style folk meets rock 'n' roll, rockabilly and other stuff with its roots in folk traditions. Explore this section to find a tasty selection of musical possibilities.

While some people argue that "folk music" is by definition limited solely to traditional pieces, we have been reminded by others that songwriting itself is a proud tradition. If new music isn't being written and performed to expand the dog-eared playbook, those old songs are in danger of becoming hackneyed and worn-out cliches.

For folk music from the Canadian Maritimes, look here.



Anthony da Costa
Typical American Tragedy (2008)

Drifting in Circles (2005)
Charlie's Lonely Sunday (2007)
Sweet Time (2011)

Girls of the North Country (2011)
Best Day (2012)

Cheri Dale, with Helene Attia
A Garden of Songs for the Magical Child (2006)

Dr. Dan
Dan on the Moon (2000)

Barbara Dane
Anthology of American Folk Songs (2006)

The Dang It Bobbys
Big Trouble (2011)

Les Daniels & Rick Lee
Dr. Daniels & Mr. Lee (1999)

Mayesa Dasa
Ocean of Dreams (2000)

Georgette Dashiell
Daffodils in Winter (1999)

Arthur Davenport
Reality Bends (2002)

Gareth Davies-Jones
Chasing Light (2011)
 Nine Lessons (2012)

Janine Davy
Looking for You (2005)

Kyle Dawkins
Conasauga (2003)

Anjuli Dawn
Reason (2004)

Jill Dawson
First Time Around (2000)

Steve Dawson
Nightshade (2011)
Rattlesnake Cage (2014)

Dead Men's Hollow
Forever True (2005)
Death Must be a Woman (2008)

Michael DeAngelis
Son of a Dunigan (2005)

Dean Station
Raising the Root (2007)

Aselin Debison
Sweet is the Melody (2002)

Daisy DeBolt
I Can (1995)
Souls Talking (1995)
Just Mountain Songs (2000)
Live Each Day with Soul (2001)

Arby DeCamp
Sleep by Numbers: Lullabies for Children of All Ages (2005)

The Decemberists
The King is Dead (2011)

John DeGrazio
Revolution (2001)
Abandoned World (2003)

Mike Dekle
Finely Tuned (2000)

Michael Delalla
Soli (2000)

Karma (1997)

Hjernen er Alene (1989)

Charles de Lint
Old Blue Truck (2011)

Kris Delmhorst
Five Stories (2001)
Songs for a Hurricane (2003)
Strange Conversation (2006)

Ryan Delmore
The Spirit, the Water, & the Blood, (2008)

Delta Rae
After It All (2015)

Brigitte DeMeyer
Another Thousand Miles (2000)
Something After All (2005)
Red River Flower (2007)

Jesse DeNatale
Shangri-La West (2003)
Soul Parade (2006)

K.J. Denhert
Girl Like Me (2003)

Sandy Denny
The North Star Grassman & the Ravens (1971)
Sandy (1972)
Like an Old Fashioned Waltz (1973)
Rendezvous (1977)
No More Sad Refrains: The Anthology (2000)

John Denver & the Muppets
A Christmas Together (1979/1996)

Clayton Denwood
Sunset on the Highway (2001)

Grant Dermody
Crossing That River (2003)
Lay Down My Burden (2010)
Sun Might Shine on Me (2015)

Nancie de Ross
Rome (2003)

Mark Despault
Natural Revelation (1996)

Krista Detor
Mudshow (2006)
The Silver Wood: Wintersongs (2007)
Cover Their Eyes (2008)
Flat Earth Diary (2014)

Brendan Devereux
Songs from a Yellow Chair (2005)

Halley DeVestern
Sugar Free (1997)
Live at the Towpath Inn (2000)
Superhero Killer (2003)

Long Sleeve Story (2001)

Dick Smith
Swill (2000)

Hazel Dickens
By the Sweat of My Brow (1999)
It's Hard to Tell the Singer from the Song (1987/2000)

Luther Dickinson
Blues & Ballads (2016)

Luther Dickinson & the Sons of Mudboy
Onward & Upward (2009)

Barbara Dickson
To Each & Everyone (The Songs of Gerry Rafferty) (2013)

Ani DiFranco
Living in Clip (1997)
To the Teeth (1999)
Fellow Workers, with Utah Phillips (1999)
Evolve (2003)

David DiGiuseppe
Movin' On (2002)

The Dilettantes
This Small Town (1999)

Nancy K. Dillon
Roses Guide to Time Travel (2010)

Annie Dinerman
Broken Cookies (2009)

Disappear Fear
Seed in the Sahara (1996)

The Dixie Hummingbirds
Diamond Jubilation (2003)

Joe Dolce
The Wind Cries Mary (2006)

Yvonne Doll & the Locals
My Kind of Freak (2000)

Donna Marie
Paint the Sky (2007)

Donna the Buffalo
Positive Friction (2000)

Ship of Dreams (1999)

Beat Cafe (2004)

Mishi Donovan
Journey Home (2000)

Ciaran Dorris
Home (2010)

Stephanie Dosen
Ghosts, Mice & Vagabonds (2003)

Double Standard String Band
Double Standard String Band (2001)

Bill Douglas
A Place Called Morning (2001)

Connie Dover
The Border of Heaven (2000)

The Down Hill Strugglers
Lone Prairie & Other Old Time Songs (2017)

Gordon Downie
Battle of the Nudes (2003)

Liz Downing, Mark Jickling & Rebby Sharp
The Book of Amy (2013)

Sean Doyle
The Light & the Half-Light (2004)

Linda Draper
One Two Three Four (2005)
Traces Of (2006)
Keepsake (2007)
Modern Day Decay (2016)

The Dreamsicles
Luv Songs for Grownups (2005)

Maggie Drennon
Maggie Drennon (2002)

Siete (2000)

D Squared
A Matter of Life & Death (1993)
Big Sky Full of Dumb Stars (1997)

Chris Duarte
Love Is Greater Than Me (2000)

The Chris Duarte Group
Romp (2003)

Dubl Handi
Up Like the Clouds (2012)

After the Kids are Grown (2002)

If You Could Only See What They Are Doing to You (2003)

Johnny Duhan
The Voyage (2005)
Just Another Town (2007)
To the Light (2008)

The Duhks
The Duhks (2005)
Migrations (2006)
Beyond the Blue (2014)

Donna Dunlop
Spirit of the Crossroads (2001)

Linda Dunn
Linda Dunn (1998)

Chuck Durfor
Fallen/Forgotten (2000)

James Durst
Internationally Unknown (2006)

The Dust Busters, with John Cohen
Old Man Below (2012)

Mark Dvorak
Every Step of the Way (2006)

John Dyer
GoStayPlay (2004)

Bob Dylan
John Wesley Harding (1968)
Street Legal (1978)
Shot of Love (1981)
Oh Mercy (1989)
Down in the Groove (1990)
Under the Red Sky (1990)
Good as I Been to You (1992)
World Gone Wrong (1993)
MTV Unplugged (1995)
The Bootleg Series Vols. 1-3: Rare & Unreleased, 1961-1991 (1997)
Pickin' on Dylan (1999)
Essential Bob Dylan (2000)
Love & Theft (2001)
Blues on Blonde on Blonde (2003)
Modern Times (2006)
Tell Tale Signs: The Bootleg Series Vol. 8 (2008)
A Nod to Bob 2: An Artists' Tribute to Bob Dylan on His 70th Birthday (2011)
Tempest (2012)


Fred Eaglesmith
Drive-in Movie (1996)
Lipstick, Lies & Gasoline (1997)
50 Odd Dollars (1999)
Ralph's Last Show: Live in Santa Cruz, with the Flying Squirrels (2001)
Cha Cha Cha (2010)

Wendy Ealey
Out of the Shower (2007)

Jane Eamon
A Different Place (2004)

Stacey Earle
Simple Gearle (1998)

Steve Earle
The Mountain, with the Del McCoury Band (1999)
Transcendental Blues (2000)
Townes (2009)

Jim Earp
Smiles to Go (1999)

Thomas Easaw
Don't Start the Last World War (2006)

Tim Easton
Ammunition (2006)

Steve Eaves
Moelyci (2007)

Cliff Eberhardt
Borders (1999)
The High Above & the Down Below (2007)
500 Miles: The Blue Rock Sessions (2009)

Patti Ecker & Friends
Prairieland (2002)

Judith Edelman
Drama Queen (2000)

Edge City
Mystery Ride (2000)

Sharon Edry
Semi Broken Heart (2004)

David "Honeyboy" Edwards
Don't Mistreat a Fool (1999)

Jonathan Edwards
My Love Will Keep (2011)

Kathleen Edwards
Failer (2003)

Michael Egan
Live at Studio 51 (2005)

Ana Egge
Bright Shadow (2015)

Ana Egge & the Sentimentals
Say That Now (2016)

Kat Eggleston
First Warm Wind (1990)
Second Nature (1994)
Outside of Eden (1997)
Lost & Found, with Kate MacLeod (2011)

Electric Angel
Dream (2000)

Elephant Revival
Break in the Clouds (2010)

David Elias
Lost in the Green (1995)
Time Forgets (1998)
Half an Hour Away, with the Great Unknown (2001)

Eliza Blue
One Year (2005)

Carrie Elkin
Call It My Garden (2011)

Elkville String Band
Over the Mountain (2008)

Chris Elliott
Satellite UFO Jet Plane or Star (2005)

Ramblin' Jack Elliott
The Long Ride (1999)
The Lost Topic Tapes: Cowes Harbor 1957 (2004)
The Lost Topic Tapes: Isle of Wight 1957 (2004)

Ronny Elliott
Jalopypaint (2008)
I've Been Meaning to Write (2012)

Catherine Ellis
Time Again (2000)

Julie Ellison
At Last (2004)

Frank Emerson
Safe in the Harbour (1999)
Dear Sarah (2001)

Ken Emerson
Slack & Steel: Kaua'i Style (2007)

Tommy Emmanuel
Endless Road (2004)

David Emmets
Controlling the Users (2003)

Enoch Train
Set Sail (2001)

Epiphany Project
Epiphany Project (2001)

Hazy Days (1999)
The Lucky Few (1999)
The Dark Ages (2001)

Mark Erelli
Mark Erelli (1999)
Compass & Companion (2001)
Hillbilly Pilgrim (2004)

Tim Eriksen
Every Sound Below (2004)
Soul of the January Hills (2010)

Charlsey Etheridge
Memories of Mine (2013)

Steven B. Eulberg
Holy Mountain (1998)
Hark, the Glad Sound! (1999)
Dulcimer-Friendly Worship, Vol. II (2000)
Soaring (2001)
'Twas in the Moon of Wintertime (2003)
I Celebrate Life! (2005)

Evangenitals (2009)

Bill Evans & Fletcher Bright
Fine Times at Fletcher's House (2013)

Bill Evans & Megan Lynch
Let's Do Something... (2009)

Katie Evans
A Passing Afternoon (2009)

Lowri Evans
Kick the Sand (2007)

Dave & Julia Evardson
A Ramble on the Viking Way (2003)

Leslie Evers
I Can't Remember My Dreams (2014)

Andrew Eversole
Creature (2008)


The Fables
Tear the House Down (1998)
A Time (2000)

John Fahey
Friends of Fahey Tribute (2006)

Amy Fairchild
Mr. Heart (2002)
Live (2003)

Fairport Convention
Liege & Lief (1969/2002)
In Real Time: Live '87 (1987)
Old New Borrowed Blue (1996)
Meet on the Ledge: The Classic Years 1967-1975 (1999)
performance review (2001)
Fairport unConventional (2002)
XXXV (2002)
Over the Next Hill (2004)

David Falcone
Secrets of Sherwood (1997)
Behind Your Eyes (2001)

Dave Falk
Love Breaks All the Rules (2002)

Fallen Angels
Fallen Angels (1992)

Jane Fallon
Faces (1999)
Gemini Rising in a Patchwork Sky (2010)
Seven Songs in Seven Days: Journey of an Arkansas Traveler (2011)

Miche Fambro
Cafe Vignettes (2007)

Family Style
Live Style! (1999)
Patrick, Family & Friends, with Patrick McGinley (2001)

The Farewell Drifters
Yellow Tag Mondays (2010)

The Farwells
The Farwells (2015)

Karen Fay
Empiric Lyric (2004)

Early (2008)
I Can't Wait (2014)

Stephen Fearing
The Assassin's Apprentice (1993)
That's How I Walk (2002)
The Man Who Married Music (2009)

Unarmed Against the Dark (2003)
Street Theater (2004)
Last Man on Earth (2006)

Misha Feigin
Both Kinds of Music (1999)

Julie Felix
Scarborough Fair (2007)

Henri Ferguson
Missing the Boat (2002)

Melissa Ferrick
The Other Side (2004)

See the Light (2013)

Bryan Field
Way (2004)

Rick Fielding
Lifeline (1995)
Acoustic Workshop (2004)

Filthy Thieving Bastards
A Melody of Retreads & Broken Quills (2001)

Rick Fines
Live at the Harvest (2000)
Riley Wants His Life Back (2003)

Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer
Pocket Full of Stardust (2002)
Postcards (2002)

Aengus Finnan
Fool's Gold (2000)
North Wind (2002)

Finn MacCool
Sherdhana's Hand (2000)

David Fiorenza
Tan, Rested & Ready (2003)
Fiology (2005)

Serge Fiori
Serge Fiori (2014)

Archie Fisher
The Man with a Rhyme (1976)
Off the Map, with Garnet Rogers (1985)
Windward Away (2008)
A Silent Song (2015)

5-Man Trio
You Do the Math (2003)

Stephanie Fix
Survival (2000)

Gary Fjellgaard & Valdy
Contenders (2000)
Contenders Two: Still in the Running (2007)

Tom Flannery
Song About a Train (1998)

Old Time Bush Swing (2001)

The Flash Girls
Maurice & I (1995)
Play Each Morning Wild Queen (2001)

Chris Flegg
The Sound of Life (2008)

Kathy Fleischmann
Ten Doors Down (1996)

Tommy Fleming
The Contender (2000)
A Life Like Mine (2006)

Stephanie Fletcher
Soul Celebration (1999)

Deirdre Flint
The Shuffleboard Queens (1999)

Kelly Flint
Drive All Night (2007)

Flogging Molly
Swagger (2000)

Mary Flower
Bywater Dance (2005)
Bridges (2009)
Misery Loves Company (2011)

Ashleigh Flynn
A Million Stars (2013)

John Flynn
Dragon (2004)
Two Wolves (2006)

Foghorn Stringband
Outshine the Sun (2012)
Devil in the Seat (2015)

Bradford Lee Folk & the Bluegrass Playboys
Somewhere Far Away (2014)

Folk Implosion
The New Folk Implosion (2002)

Doug Folkins
Signs Along the Way (2001)
Touchstone (2003)

The Tales That They Tell (2013)

Some Antics (2005)

Folk Underground
Buried Things (2003)
Get Y'er Hands Off 'Me Booty (2004)

Louise Ford
Heroes & Angels (2002)

Julia Fordham
Concrete Love (2002)
That's Life (2004)

All the Wrong Things (2001)

Gina Forsyth
You Are Here (2001)

Fortune's Hand
Rhythm of the Wind (2000)
Live at Dolan's Pub (2002)

Radney Foster
Are You Ready for the Big Show? (2001)
Another Way to Go (2002)
This World We Live In (2006)

Sutton Foster
Wish (2008)

Jeffrey Foucault
Miles From the Lightning (2002)
Stripping Cane (2004)

Bob Fox
Borrowed Moments (2003)
The Blast (2006)

Simon Fox
Night Fishing (2003)
A Winter's Tale (2006)

Fox & Branch
Hot Time (2007)

Florence Foxwell
Open Windows (1999)

Amy Fradon
Passion Angels (1999)
Small Town News (2003)

David Francey
Torn Screen Door (1999)
The First Set (2006)
Late Edition (2011)
So Say We All (2013)

David Francis
Fake Valentine (2003)

Bob Frank
Red Neck, Blue Collar (2008)

Denice Franke
Comfort (2001)

Leslie Frederick
In Search of the Rainbow (1999)

Mike Freedman
Postcards from the South (2001)

Dori Freeman
Dori Freeman (2016)
Letters Never Read (2017)

Freeman & Williams
Freeman & Williams (2012)

Jennifer Friedman
You are Creation (2005)

Paul Friedman & Jody Kruskal
Paul & Jody (2009)

Jackie Frost
Calliope (2005)

Fruit of Choice
Vow (2005)

Full Circle (Neil Anderson & Friends)
Full Circle (1999)

Funks Grove
Albuminium Blue (2000)

Furious Billy
Sissyfoot (2004)