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The folk section covers a broad spectrum of mostly American folk (traditional and contemporary), folk-rock, singer-songwriter and indie recordings. Primarily, you can expect to find music which strikes at the heart of the folk tradition, where we spotlight innovative songwriters and performers who've laid the groundwork for the great folk tradition and who help to maintain that tradition today.

You'll find acoustic music here, as well as bands playing traditional music with electric guitars and bands playing new music on traditional instruments. Old-style folk meets rock 'n' roll, rockabilly and other stuff with its roots in folk traditions. Explore this section to find a tasty selection of musical possibilities.

While some people argue that "folk music" is by definition limited solely to traditional pieces, we have been reminded by others that songwriting itself is a proud tradition. If new music isn't being written and performed to expand the dog-eared playbook, those old songs are in danger of becoming hackneyed and worn-out cliches.

For folk music from the Canadian Maritimes, look here.



Stephen Wade
Banjo Diary: Lessons from Tradition (2012)

Virginia Wagner
Darkness Visible (2007)

Wailin' Jennys
Firecracker (2006)
Live at the Mauch Chunk Opera House (2009)
Bright Morning Stars (2011)

Loudon Wainwright III
Here Come the Choppers (2005)

Sloan Wainwright
Upside Down & Under My Heart (2013)

Tom Waits
Real Gone (2004)

The Wakami Wailers
The Last of the White Pine Loggers (1985)
Waltz with the Woods (1993)
River Through the Pines (1999)

Wake the Dead
Wake the Dead (2000)

Anne Walker
Labyrinth (2010)

Melody Walker & Jacob Groopman
We Made It Home (2013)

Ryley Walker
All Kinds of You (2014)

Walkie Talkie
Twilite at Spanish Castle (2000)

David Wall & Marilyn Lerner
Still Soft Voiced Heart (2001)

Kate Wallace
Too Long from the Sea (2000)

Bob Walser
Outward Bound on the J.M Carpenter (2010)

Joe K. Walsh
Borderland (2016)

Marion Walsh
Home to Home (2005)

Cyd Ward
Between the Lines (2002)

Lucy Ward
Single Flame (2013)

Washington Revels
Behold That Star! An American Song Quilt (2001)

Watermelon Sugar
Something to Savor (2005)

Fishes & Fine Yellow Sand (2004)

Norma Waterson
Bright Shiny Morning (2000)

The Watersons
A Yorkshire Christmas (2005)
Sound, Sound Your Instruments of Joy (2007)

Doc Watson
Foundation: The Doc Watson Guitar Instrumental Collection, 1964-1998 (2000)
Legacy, with David Holt (2002)

Doc & Merle Watson
Sittin' Here Pickin' the Blues (2004)

Jacqui Watson
Cocaine & Brandy Days (2005)

Willie Watson
Folk Singer Vol. 1 (2014)

Shad Weathersby
Chomp Chomp (2004)
The Beaten Path (2007)

Ben Weaver
Paper Sky (2007)

LisaBeth Weber
Farmhouse Sessions (2000)

Linda Welby
A Story to Tell (2008)

Elisa M. Welch
The Wheel (1999)

Kevin Welch
Beneath My Wheels (1999)
A Patch of Blue Sky (2010)

Geoffrey Welchman
One Band Man (2007)

Well-Tempered String Band
Well-Tempered String Band (2002)
Book Two (2004)

Sara Wendt
Here's Us (2006)
Weightless with Love (2007)

Annie Wenz
Poet's Dance (2001)

We're About 9
Engine (2003)

Susan Werner
New Non-Fiction (2001)
The Gospel Truth (2007)

Corinne West
Second Sight (2007)
Starlight Highway (2015)

Eli West
The Both (2016)

Lizzie West & the White Buffalo
I Pledge Allegiance to Myself (2006)

Eric Westbury
Walking Tracks (2000)
Burnt Tongues & Blue Truths (2003)

The Westies
Six on the Out (2016)

West of Eden
A Stupid Thing to Do (2003)
Four (2006)
A Celtic Christmas (2010)
Safe Crossing (2012)
Songs from Twisting River (2014)

Lee Westwood
To Sleep: Farewell Songs (2006)

The Mike Weterings Band
Aluminum Sea (1998)

Coles Whalen
Nothing is Too Much (2007)

Cheryl Wheeler
Different Stripe (2003)
Pointing at the Sun (2009)

Erica Wheeler
Three Wishes (1999)

When Pigs Fly
Pigatude (2001)

Amy White & Al Petteway
Golden Wing (2004)

Andrew White
Pray for Rain (2001)

The White Buffalo
Shadows, Greys & Evil Ways (2013)

Effron White
Day in the Sun (2000)

Josh White Jr.
Jazz, Ballads & Blues, with Robin Batteau (1986)
House of the Rising Son (1999)

Nancy White
Gaelic Envy (1998)
Stickers on Fruit (2002)

Yasmine White
Simple Truths (2002)

Rick Whitelaw
Polishing the Stone (1999)

Ken Whiteley
Listening (2000)
Gospel Music Makes Me Feel Alright! (2004)

Stuart Whitford
Vertical Land (1998)

Greg Wickham
If I Left This World (2016)

The Wide Open
 Long Road Home (2018)

Jason Wilber
Echoes (2016)

Wilco, with Billy Bragg
Mermaid Avenue (1998)
Mermaid Avenue Vol. II (2000)

Wild Carrot
Hope (2003)

Ginny Wilder
Lessons in Life & Love (2002)

Steve Wildey
Little Man (2002)
Along the Way (2005)

Wild Flowers
Total Vocal (1994)

The Wild Rumpus
304 (2012)

Nathan Wiley
The City Destroyed Me (2007)

The Wilkinsons
Here & Now (2000)

Brooks Williams
Hundred Year Shadow (1999)
Little Lion (2000)
Skiffle-Bop (2001)

Dar Williams
End of the Summer (1997)
The Green World (2000)
Out There Live (2001)
The Beauty of the Rain (2002)

Jack Williams
Across the Winterline (1997)

Keller Williams
Laugh (2002)

Lucinda Williams
Lucinda Williams (1993)
performance review (1998)
Essence (2001)

Victoria Williams
Sings Some Ol' Songs (2002)

Kelly Willis
What I Deserve (1999)

Tom Wilson
When the Wagon was New, with Border Bluegrass (1997)
On the Radio (2001)

Jesse Winchester
Love Filling Station (2009)
A Reasonable Amount of Trouble (2014)

Wing & Hollow
Frozen Trees (2011)

Wingdale Community Singers
Spirit Duplicator (2009)

Ben Winship & David Thompson
Fishing Music II (2009)

Wishing Chair
The Ghost of Will Harbut (2000)

Without Gravity
Tenderfoot (2005)

Gretchen Witt
Gretchen Witt (2003)
Six (2006)

Patti Witten
Land of Souvenirs (1999)
Prairie Doll (2000)
Sycamore Tryst (2003)

Whitney Wolanin
Funkology XIII (2005)

Carley Wolf
Set Sail (2009)

Wolfe Bros.
2001 -- An Old-Time Odyssey (2001)

Laura Wolfe
Siren (2005)

Women in Docs
Under a Different Sky (2005)

Beth Wood
You Take the Wheel (2003)
Marigolds (2005)

Jon Wood
One to Five (2004)

Royal Wood
Milkweed (2003)
Tall Tales (2004)

Jeff Woodell
Pictures of Nothing (2006)

Joyce Woodson
Capistrano Girl (1997)

The Woods Tea Co.
Journey Home (1995)
Side By Each (1995)
Live! (1999)
Standing Room Only (2003)

Ina May Wool
Moon Over 97th Street (1999)
Crack It Open (2004)

Work o' the Weavers
We're Still Here (2007)

Bruce Wozny
Sleeping Dogs (1999)

John Wright
Just Left of Center (1998)
SongDance (2003)
That's the Way Love Is: A Collection of Love Songs (2003)
The Gypsy Life (2006)

The John Wright Band
Language of the Heart (2000)

Richard Thomas Wright & Cathryn Wellner
Rough But Honest Miner (2000)

Ruth Wyand
Distant Drums (2002)

The Wyrd Sisters
Raw Voice (1997)


Apple Venus, Vol. 1 (1999)
Wasp Star (Apple Venus, Vol. 2) (2000)


Gabriel Yacoub
Les Choses Les Plus Simples (The Simple Things We Said) (2002)

Mark Yakes
Poems & Music, Vol. 1 (2003)

Glenn Yarbrough
Come Sit By My Side (2006)

Come On In (2010)
Almost Home (2012)

Bethany Yarrow
Deep Folk (2003)

Hans York
Young Amelia (2007)

John York & Kim Fowley
West Coast Revelation (2011)

Doug Young
Laurel Mill (2003)

Jamison Young
Shifting Sands of a Blue Car (2003)

Lesley Young
Inside (2007)

Neil Young
The Bridge: A Tribute to Neil Young (1989)
Harvest Moon (1992)
Unplugged (1993)
Silver & Gold (2000)

Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Live at the Filmore East (2006)

Mike Younger
Every Stone You Throw (2006)

The Young'uns
When Our Grandfathers Said No (2012)


Charlie Zahm
A Summer's Morning Rare (1995)
Festival Favorites (1997)
The White Snows of Winter (2001)
Americana (2002)
Out of the Mist (2002)
Songs for When the Sun Goes Down (2002)
Among the Heather (2005)
Lighthouse on the Shore (2007)
Recent Journeys (2008)
Precious Memories & Other Special Songs of Faith (2009)
Songs of Highlands, Islands & Home (2011)
Nothin' like the South (2013)
Angels We Have Heard on High & Other Favorite Songs of Christmas (2016)

Diane Zeigler
Paintbrush (2002)

Liz Zelvin
Outrageous Older Woman (2012)

Debbie Zepick
Enjoy the Journey (1999)
Out of the Ruins (1997)

Leah Zicari
Pretty on Thursday (2003)

Zoe & Cloyd
Eyes Brand New (2017)

The Zozo Sisters
Adieu False Heart (2006)

Zubot & Dawson
Chicken Scratch (2002)

Zuco 103
Outro Lado (2000)

Adam Zwig
Cast Iron Letters (2007)

Zyrah's Orange
Body (2000)