Fous de la Mer,
Stars & Fishes
(Neurodisc, 2004)

The music and songs of Stars & Fishes tend to be fairly relaxing. The connections from song to song and from piece to piece become a mood the music creates. This is something Fous de la Mer does very well, for the most part.

The sound of waves opens "Conmingo," and the track is very relaxing as the flow of the waves continues through the song. "Stars & Fishes" stretches out the points where the tide is at its fullest, sustaining them seemingly without effort. The lyrics switch between a couple of different languages in "Never Stop Loving," though the elements of the song don't quite seem to mesh enough to make it stand out.

All "Vue Sur la Mer" needs is an underwater video of a coral reef; the music of this piece would tie brilliantly into that visual imagery. The beat of "Cosmic Lullaby" is a quiet presence that seems to counter how the rest of the song works as a lullaby. A variety of disparate sounds -- some electronic, others with a more Middle-Eastern feel -- blend together in "As I Look Around."

The music of "The Real Santi" is wrapped around a violin and it melds well with the other electronic elements. These elements step to the fore in "Le Reve est Mort" as the lyrics become a layer added into the mix. There is a bit more warmth in the melody of "Tu Mirada." The night ends with "Waiting for the Sun." The music releases you and sends you forth.

The music on Stars & Fishes is well crafted and the vocals fit neatly into the instrumentation. So if you are looking for relaxing music that will wrap itself around you, then Fous de la Mer delivers.

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review by
Paul de Bruijn

5 July 2008

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