Brian Freeman &
Bev Vincent, editors,
The Illustrated Stephen King Trivia Book
(Cemetery Dance, 2005)

The Illustrated Stephen King Trivia Book is an absolute must-have for King aficionados.

The questions are multiple-choice, with the traditional four (a-d) possible answers to choose from. There are hints (very fun!) and the answers in the back. There also are additional questions with the mostly funny (but a little scary) illustrations by Glenn Chadbourne.

The book covers King's entire oeuvre from his Richard Bachman books through the last Dark Tower installment, and they were collected from the membership of the largest Stephen King fan group, SKEMERS. Over 1,000 in number, the questions also include King's biography and nonfictional works.

I've yet to see a bad product from Cemetery Dance and this should be the model for other trivia books.

by Stephen Richmond
24 December 2005

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