Bob Freeman,
Cairnwood Manor, Book I: Shadows Over Somerset
(Black Death, 2006)

Michael Somers, a 34-year-old anthropologist, is brought to Indiana after being rescued by a man who claims to know him and his family. While in Indiana Michael learns of a family and a past he knew nothing of. Michael is part of the Cairnwood clan and heir to a legacy that was born in war and blood in the year of 1314 in Scotland.

Coming to a home he has never known to meet a grandfather he has never met would seem like a huge undertaking on its own. When coupled with an upcoming battle between species, it's more than unbelievable and overwhelming. But Michael accepts his heritage and fate, and we are treated with an imaginative and gripping tale.

Instead of the scenes and characters changing with each chapter, they sometimes change from paragraph to paragraph. At first this put me off a bit, but it didn't take long to get used to Bob Freeman's style of writing; I actually found myself really enjoying it. It made the book move faster and I was drawn more and more into his world with every written word.

Freeman writes a fabulous story of werewolves, witches and vampires, of good vs. evil, of legacies, prophecies and fates. Shadows Over Somerset is an intriguing combination of horror, suspense, fantasy and even romance. It looks like this book is the first in a series and I can't wait to read the next installment. Freeman has a wonderful imagination and I'm anxious to enter his world again.

review by
Cherise Everhard

8 December 2007

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