Fromseier Rose,
(Nunora, 2003)

Fromseier Rose is the duo of Ditte Fromseier Mortensen (violin) and Michael G. Rose (piano). The music they create together is graceful, partnering together as in a dance. Niamh Parsons adds her voice to the few songs on the CD.

"Popcorn Behavior" is a wonderful example of the dance the two musicians create with their music. They continue with "Blue Bonnets Over the Border/Ditte's Friend," the first of several medleys on this recording, and the transition is seamless. The violin sings in "Taimse im Chodlad" and you can almost hear words as it plays. Parsons' vocals take the lead in "After Aughrim's Great Disaster," with the violin and piano providing a soft background.

The piano and violin return to the fore in grand style with "March of the Meeatoiteen Bull/John MacNeal," a couple of traditional tunes that they make their own. And when they hit the jugs with "Cowboy's Jig/Rohan," they call you to go a-dancing with them. The first part of "The Bittern/The Piper's Beast" is a dream, and the second part is a swirl of colour. The music underlines the sorrow in "Crazy Man Michael."

There is a lightness that runs through "The Butterfly/Waterman's" and before you know it they are onto the next track. They invite you to join in the music with "Flax in Bloom/Stormy Weather" and as they slide into the second tune of the medley the invite fades into the background. Michael G. Rose goes solo in "A Surprise for Anne" with a piece he wrote for a friend. "Blantyre Explosion" tells the story of a mining disaster, the music and vocals drawing out the tragedy in the tale. They start off with a melody from Bornholm (the island in Denmark Mortensen hails from) on "Ja Va Lidijgn Horra/The Ghost's Welcome/Brendan McGlinchey's," then slide over to a traditional Celtic piece and finish with a flourish.

Mortensen and Rose play from their hearts on Contradiction. The two of them work together wonderfully and I hope to hear more from them.

- Rambles
written by Paul de Bruijn
published 17 April 2004